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September 2013



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Speaking of my North Light books, Creating Nature in Watercolor is doing great!

I'm delighted with the success of my new North Light book out last winter--Creating Nature in Watercolor; an Artist's Guide has done really well in its first season. I'm hoping to teach a class based on that book sometime in '09, when I finish the book I'm working on now.

This is one of my favorite spreads from the book:

That's Promised Land State Park at lower left, again, and a painting from Nevada's Valley of Fire on the opposite page--this is the chapter on Humans in Landscape.  I've found that really helps personalize landscape for me, and also offers a sense of scale.  Those rocks are HUGE!

(If you'd like to see some earlier images, click on the Creating Nature in Watercolor tag at left...)

People have been telling me they've seen the book all over the country--Barnes & Noble should have it, and Amazon does as well.  I believe there was an ad in the most recent Artist's Magazine, so I was told by master watercolorist J.R. Hamil, an old friend, at the Merriam, Kansas art walk a couple of weeks ago.  (I wrote an article about Jim years ago for The Artist's Magazine, and we've been friends ever since.)

I'm excited!


*holds breath for the beauty--counts pennies...*

EUREKA! it shall be mine. soon!
YAY! Hey girl, if you order it from my website I can sign it for you and throw in an extra goodie!
aha! ze book, she is mine! ordered this a.m. from your site. now i can rationalize getting more paint from daniel smith. better yet, an excuse to run down to dick blick, today.

any excuse is a good one....
I think that's a FINE idea. Yes. More paint. Definitely. Maybe I need some too. ;-P

Creating Nature in Watercolor

Beautiful Book! I'm going to look for it at my local Books a Million today.

Re: Creating Nature in Watercolor

Hooray! I hope they have it!


I am sure enjoying mine, KathyKate.
And it'd amazing to learn how important a figure is in a landscape to give the full FEEL of a place. I think the cover is enticing, too, and surely pulls shoppers right to it.
I'm glad you like it, Annie! I like the cover, too...

J.r. hamil watercolor

i have a water color signed and numbered by J. R. Hamil
however, i do not know its title
the subject matter (i believe) is of the giralda tower in the country club plaza
i would appreciate if you could help me

Re: J.r. hamil watercolor

I'm afraid I wouldn't know! Why don't you try contacting Jim? I think he lives in Prairie Village...