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September 2013



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Dancing in the Dark...

birthday goodies!, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Yesterday was wonderful. We celebrated October-birthdays-plus-one, since

kateslover had been in California for our August festivities. We're trying to cut back on too much stuff in order to simplify our lives a bit, so I usually tell people what I need is something you can eat, use up, like art supplies, or that has the good grace to die, like a plant or flowers :-)

These are mine, combined glories from two of my godchildren, Molly and Nora. Wow...I see flower paintings ahead...

Rachel painted the beautiful gourd; the wonderful, richly-colored small painting in front was her present to J.--it got washed out with the flash, darn it! You can see it much better here: http://kateslover.livejournal.com/

I love seeing the kids, as usual (yes, technically they're all a bit grownup to be called kids, still, but I remember when they were born, so...) Molly looks beautiful, having finished with her chemo and surgery; the woman has something indomitable about her. Here she is with a pensive Nora:


It's so lovely to see how thoroughly my family has accepted my husband into the circle--shouldn't be a big surprise, because he IS pretty terrific and they like seeing me happy. Still, it's always a relief...

We partied at Ann and Bob's house in Kansas City, then ran home, put my flowers in water, and headed right over to the Elms Hotel's annual Wine and Jazz Festival. We missed all but one of the bands, but oh, they were GOOD. It's the James Ward Band--if you get the chance and you like jazz, check them out!

It was dark by the time I settled in to draw, and I couldn't even see my paper, so settled for some nearly blind contour sketches of the band.  Here's one page, with James Ward on bass:


Best of all, to me, though, was dancing in the dark with my husband, under a nearly full moon, soft sweet October night-scents all around...

It's never too late for romance, to my delight and surprise...




how lovely! and the hand-made/homemade things are still the best. i love the celebrations that bring the families together. knowing that they have had the good sense to absorb joseph just makes me even happier for both of you.

molly looks really good--thriving, despite the "stuff" she's gone thru. that's such a good indicator!

much happiness to all you birthday types! belated ones, too!
Knowing they've accepted my wonderful husband makes me very, very happy.

Yep, Moll looks amazing. She has her ups and downs, of course (don't we all?!), but I really think she's got it.

And thank you, sweet thing...I hope you're starting to feel better...
It's never too late for romance, to my delight and surprise...

Lovely, lovely day - thank you for sharing. I couldn't stop smiling between reading your post and then reading Joseph's post about the evening.

We discovered this too, that it is the ppl and not the stuff that enriches our lives.
Absolutely--people, not stuff...

Thank you, kind lady!