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September 2013



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...at Cabela's, and elsewhere....

at Cabela's, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...oh, my yesterday was a full one! We had a list of places to go and things to do, and ended up doing only half!

I see [info]kateslover has told about much of it on his LJ, so I'll hit it from my perspective! The dear man managed to drive all over creation, getting lost, getting turned around, following weird directions ALL DAY LONG, and managed not even to get frustrated or angry. What a guy!

We went to see the "Nature in Art" exhibit in Merriam, Kansas, at the lovely Turkey Creek Streamway Park--you can read about it here: http://www.merriam.org/park/Events/nature-of-art.htm. My oldest friend, Roberta Hammer, has her marvelous pastels and a few lovely watercolors in the show--she's really found her forte with the pastels, I LOVE what she does with them.

It was good to see her and my cousin Keith, along with Tim Murphy, Merriam's parks and rec director (whom I knew from our mutual association in my town's parks and rec some years back) and old friend and marvelous watercolorist Jim Hamil.

I swear, Jim can paint ANYTHING. (J. already provided this link http://www.artbyaco.com/05artists/hamil/hamil.html and I was hoping I could find Jim's two books on Amazon instead, but no luck. None of the other links to Jim's work seems to show this much, so I'm borrowing! Ah well.)

How we managed to get lost going to the show, I don't know--except for the three different versions of how to get there, of course. ;-) Silly, 'cause I've both taught a workshop and judged a show in Merriam, and after much wandering around we discovered the park was only a few blocks from their beautiful, well-used community center. Should have followed my instincts!

We'd passed a sign for Cabela's on the way over, just off 635, and I knew that was the one I'd seen before from the highway, but we were on a mission...art show first!

We opted for their golf cart transportation through the streamway park, but even so, by the time we finished it was past time for me to have protein--I get wonky if I don't eat for too long. Rather than take the time to go to Cabela's on the way, as I suggested, my sweet husband insisted on taking me to lunch first--and by the time we got there it was somewhat closer to dinner! We hit between shifts so had to wait, and service was still a bit slow...but OH good! Oh my goodness!! It was quite a drive from Merriam to the Red Lobster in Independence, but oh so worth it...

(And this morning I discovered that there was a Red Lobster about 15 blocks from where we were in Merriam. On Metcalf. Which we had come on. Siiiiigh...let's hear it for Google... ;-))

But hey, J. had googled to find the Cabela's and there was supposed to be one at 435 and 40 hwy, so we figured that would be close to Independence if not right in it. I figured there must be two of them in the KC area now.  We headed that way after lunch/dinner/whatever-it-was, passed the intersection...but no Cabela's.

Figured we must have missed it.  Drove around, circled, nada.

He stopped somewhere and went in to find a phone book, ran into some ladies who knew right where it was!

We followed their directions. Nada.

Stopped for another phone book, this one with maps. J. wrote down the address again, and this one said it was at highways 435-24-40. Um...in Independence?? 24's on one side of town, 40's on the other!

Nonetheless, we persevered. Nada.

Finally, one more info stop and we discovered that 24 and 40 merge with 435--on the KANSAS side. Sooo...where I'd seen the original sign on our way over to Merriam was where we needed to be!  (So it turned out the ladies he'd asked first were absolutely right--we just didn't think about 435 completely ringing Kansas City...)

STILL he didn't get frustrated and angry. What a guy!

Back to Kansas, and finally found the Cabela's, sometime after 5 p.m. Saturday night. Erk...crowded! Fortunately we were VERY full after our Endless Shrimp so I was in good shape, too.

Except my knee. After standing for rather a long time--it was take-a-number time at Cabela's, and guys apparently need a LOT of time deciding on what they want--I went to draw the pronghorn mounts, above left. Erk again! It was an odd angle, which was what challenged me in the first place, but apparently I wasn't quite up to the challenge... <;-(

I'd repacked my art supplies and such into my ancient lightweight fabric field bag, and glad I did. My beautiful, organized leather bag weighs a ton, all by itself. This was MUCH lighter...

J. was still waiting to be helped--patient man!--and I did actually get bored, eventually (I almost NEVER get bored, so it takes me a while to recognize it for what it is!) so I went to find someplace to sit and sketch.

And found the whitetail buck, above right, with the most incredible rack I'd ever seen! It took me so long to track all those wondrous forks and angles in my small folding sketchbook that J. actually finished shopping, came and found me, wandered off again to the fishing department, came and found me...and then waited till I finished my sketch!

It was a beautiful evening by the time we came out of the store (WHY on earth does Cabela's smell like cotton candy?! I was so ready for fresh air by then!  I expected eau de woodsmoke, or pine, or leather or something!), and a beautiful drive home through the gathering dark. As my husband says, KC is not huge like LA, but it's truly beautiful at night. The approach from the Kansas side, looping through and around and under freeways and overpasses, through the bottoms and over both rivers--the Kaw (also called the Kansas River, http://www.kansasheritage.org/for_nancy/kaw-cam.html) and the Missouri, was just stunning. I was glad he was driving so I could gawk! (My late husband didn't drive, so I was always watching the other traffic and that center line...)

Oh, to be able to paint something like THAT. Bet Jim Hamil could...

Eventually, after a stop by the store and the post office, we wended our way home, and very shortly after collapsed into bed! J. managed to sleep till 5 this morning--almost a record for him--and I slept another three hours. It was a wonderful day, but exhausting...

Today, lunch with friends and our sketchcrawl this afternoon...I think I'm going to be ready to go back to work, tomorrow! Weekends are just a tad tiring...



I should have waved! Cabelas is only about 5 miles from our house.

Sounds like you had a pretty good day, though. : )
Well, drat! If I'd known that, we coulda gotten lost trying to find you, too!

And yes, it was a LOT of fun!
We'd have probably let ya! : ) I just spend most of the day working on a bicycle and a pair of narrow fall trousers for the upcoming Militia Muster. Can't wait I tell ya! ; )
Hey, cool! Glad to hear you're looking forward to it. We had lunch with Todd and Becky yesterday, and were talking about Muster...gonna have to see if we can stay in the factory building!
So, what's the general thoughts on Muster?
Don't have much, I'm afraid! I tried to sort of get some buzz going on the civilian side on the Yahoogroup a few weeks ago, to see if we couldn't plan some demos, scenarios, something, but I didn't get much response. Maybe I should try again!
I saw that, but I figured if only you and I took part in the discussion it would be like picking the scab on the Bennetts, so I thought I'd stay out of it.

I don't blame you...actually a couple of people responded off list, but that wasn't that helpful toward helping plan the event.
sound like a pretty eventful weekend! i got tired, just reading about it all. someday, i'll go part-time, and then i can dream about doing "stuff" again... of course, if the market continues that way it's going, that will be when i'm 85 or so.
Doing stuff is good...but yeah, wow, that was too MUCH stuff!

I haven't figured out how a freelancer retires, just yet...
it might just be a case of "never worked, never will..." (the old toymaker's reply to the question of when he was going to retire) if you love what you do, keep doing it. one of my friends at the hospital made it to 62, retired for 6 weeks, and came back to work. his comment, "what else am i going to do that i enjoy so much?" he can only work on his car restoration just so long...

another friend retired, and spent so much time at home that he drove his wife nuts. she finally took his hand and said, "tony, i married you for better or for worse--not for lunch! go back to work." he did. they were both happier.

my only fear is burning out. too many hours, too many cases. they begin to wear after a while. i look forward to sewing, "doing" art, restoring some old recordings to digital use, editing old family films.... too bad i can't find some way of being paid for all of that!
Yep, one of my vets retired and I think his wife might be ready for him to find something to do. Hey, I built my cabin when Harris retired! It was that or shoot him...*G*

Funny, it doesn't bother me at all having Joseph here. Weird...I thought it would, given how antsy I got when Harris was here. Of course, J. does SO MUCH around the house, and on his house, and cooks and all that. I'm going to get spoiled, rapidly.

Oh. Too late!

But yeah, it is very scary going out on your own, without a regular paycheck. That's why I do so many different things...no one thing pays well enough to keep eating.
Yep, that's Jim! He's a terrific guy. I have a couple of his books, plus one on Nebraska his dad wrote and he illustrated--J. just gave that one to me.