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September 2013



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Just call me Pollyanna...

...but I loved this, again from Daily Om.  We can ALL count on the little things--all we need to do is recognize them.  The big stuff may get heavy and feel almost impossible to bear, but enough of these small things strung together make for a much more contented outlook.  Hope, courage, and love...life is good.

"October 2, 2008

Treasure Hunting
Discovering the Little Things that Make Us Happy

Life is full of little wonders that can make us happy. The sound of a baby’s laughter, a good book, the comforting smell of a favorite old sweatshirt, and the warmth from a cup of hot tea are simple pleasures that can easily put smiles on our faces. These “little things” are easily accessible to us and can be sources for finding happiness. A key to doing so is taking the time to put those rose colored glasses from childhood back on so you can easily find the joy in all the “little things” that life has to offer.

Finding a puppy rummaging through the laundry basket, trying on that perfect shade of lipstick, or discovering the extra change you left in your back pocket can turn into moments of delight. Like kids digging in the sandbox for buried trinkets, we may even begin to experience happiness when we engage in the seemingly mundane. Figuring out a software program can feel like deciphering a treasure map, and that first sip of tea in the morning can taste like a forbidden delicacy. Swaying to music playing on the radio can turn into an interpretive jig, riding a bike can seem like flying to the moon, and getting a phone call from that special someone can feel like winning the lottery. A pickup game of basketball becomes an exciting match among champions, and observing an elderly couple walking hand in hand can turn into a meditation on peace and contentment.

When we begin rediscovering that the little things in life can make us happy, we naturally want to share this joy with others. We may gush over a friend when we run into them unexpectedly, praise a street musician for their talents, or blow bubbles for the neighborhood kids to chase. We may even start to think of the little things we can do to make other people happy, which in turn makes us happy all over again. There is an endless supply of little things and little moments that can make us happy. All we have to do is look for them, and they’ll magically start to appear."


Yes...sometimes we HAVE to cling to those tiny things. Gets us through the days, I think. That anniversary was a tough one for many of us; your friend was wise.

My Dog Kintaro...

...Always reminds me of he important things. The biological/animal aspects of life that we try to pretend we are above.

When we walk morning and night, he always sets the pace. When he stops to snif and pee, I stop and look around and listen. Like we all did when we were children.

Re: My Dog Kintaro...

So true...we ARE animals, no escaping that. Funny, right after I posted that I was looking at my cats and thinking how important they are in my life...they make me laugh, they give me comfort, they keep me exercising when I have to pick up after them!


(sung to the opening phrase of "ta-ra-ra- boom-de-ay")

many happy happies, lady. may you live long...(and prosper) sorry. force of habit.

May the force be with you, too. ;-P

And THANK YOU, sweetie!
Little things like a clean closet, eh? *G*

Happy Birthday, babe!
LITTLE?!?! You call that LITTLE?!?! THANK YOU, one of the best birthday presents EVER!!
I love this! It's like a form of 'play' that we sometimes forget as we grow up. Kids have a constant sense of wonder about the world but it becomes mundane as we experience more. It's nice to have a reminder to take joy from the small things.
Exactly! One thing that helped me rediscover that was becoming a naturalist, and paying attention to the tiny, easily overlooked things in nature. Equisetum spores, tiny bugs, spiderwebs, British soldier lichen--just magic!
Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you, Madeline!


Happy Birthday!

That Daily Om is a great meditation for your birthday! I hope you enjoy the little and big things of your life----I KNOW you do!! Thanks for your generosity in sharing what you know about painting and art. That I paint at all is due to the things I've learned in your classes. Thank you!--Carol C.

Re: Happy Birthday!

Wasn't it perfect, Carol!? And thank YOU so much for the beautiful postcard! I was surprised and delighted! If I can take ANY credit for getting you to do things like that, I'm very, very happy.
Happy Birthday!

Wishing you the best,
Thank you, Dee, it was gorgeous!


Wonderful post, Kate. And happy birthday!
Thank you! It was one of the best yet...


Wonderful post, Kate. And happy birthday!
Hi Casey, and thank you! I can't take credit for the post, though--it was from the Daily Om site: http://www.dailyom.com/ I just shared--sometimes they really hit me!

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