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September 2013



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The Saga of the Secondhand Washer continues...

washer and dryer, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

So, three days ago, Steve came to look at the secondhand washer; he needed a part. He was going to come back the next day. Nada. We finally called, yesterday afternoon and he was "on his way." Said he was looking at the part we needed, right then, and would be there by 4:30.

Which he was. With another guy in tow. They disappeared into the back room, put on a new agitator, and left.

Everyone is all smiles.

Though to call it a "washer" is a bit optimistic.

So today FINALLY I could wash a load, all the germy, sweaty stuff from our various colds, bronchitis, etc. Oh joy!

Finished the first load and took it out to hang on the solar dryer (which works just fine, thanks)...where I discovered that it was all still dirty. Uh oh. Guess it just got wet, then drained.

Go back in, check load # 2, and it's not agitating. More joy.

Gott hold of Steve again.

Steve suggests Locktite, which he will bring when he finished the other service call. I'm holding my breath here.

Clean clothes would be SOOOOO nice.

I remember once before, when the washer broke down, I did the clothes for a month or so in the bathtub, with an old washboard. Beginning to look like an option.


Since I have no words with which to convey my sympathy, here is an image of one of the lesser known paintings of the most famous National Artist from my country, Fernando Amorsolo:

Heh! That's more or less what I ended up doing, yesterday, though not nearly so scantily clad! I've washed clothes like that before and likely will again...

Somewhere in my archives I have two images of 18th C. Scottish washerwomen, who apparently washed with their feet, as if they were stomping grapes. It would get the job done!
Haha. You would if you lived in a tropical country like us! :P
Where are you? And yeah, I might...I don't like hot!
Philippines, Southeast Asia where the weather today was a very humid 94 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's with hard rains all week because of two typhoons. :D
YIPE. Here, we're just entering my favorite time of year--less humidity, cooler temps, cool, crisp nights. Unfortunately with loads of pollen and mold spores, but you can't have everything!
Nice sketch but what rotten luck with your washer, Kate. I can't imagine coping without a washing machine....I have four children, three of them adults, still living at home....so that amounts to a lot of dirty clothes. lol I do hope you find a happy solution. :)
Thank you Serena, I do too! Still, I almost enjoyed agitating by hand last evening, when I finally gave up on the repairman! Needless to say I didn't use the solar dryer at 7:30 though...
The Loctite is holding the bolt in place but unfortunately it's not down far enough to make the agitator engage. I think we're almost there though - tomorrow will tell.
Fingers crossed...but not holding breath. I turn blue!
It's the LOCTITE that I need in blue, not you!!
Oh. kthxbai.
Oh my gosh, what a dreadful saga! I can imagine how MUCH you want to be on the other side of those germy clothes!! Still, your Mondrianesque sketch of hanging towels is delightful. Trust you to make something beautiful out of a damp, dirty, clammy situation ;D. Good luck getting agitated today!
Actually, we fixed it yesterday morning!
Oh, not to worry, sweetie, I used the toilet plunger--well cleaned--to agitate with! Filled washer, agitated, let it drain and spin, then fill, rinse and repeat.

But as he said, my hero fixed it yesterday. I would have given up LONG before and just said "come get this piece of junk!"