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September 2013



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The Best Year Ever...

...getting married on the Autumnal Equinox made it SO easy to remember our anniversary.  It's been an amazing year...after being a widow for 11 years, I was more or less resigned to living alone.  I was pretty good at it, though getting to be more of a recluse than the spiders in my attic.  It worked all right for a writer/artist--both of those things are fairly solitary pursuits. 

All that changed when I fell in love with my best friend, kateslover, and he with me.  Last year, on this day, we were joined in the eyes of God and man, at the home of good friends on their farm in the country, a magical affair that was thrown together in such short order as to truly seem miraculous.  Like Cinderella, my fairy godmothers--it takes plural when you're my age, and a couple of godfathers thrown in!--made a magical evening for us.  We were delighted and humbled beyond words...


And the magic lasts. 

Of COURSE it takes some work, and some compromise.  Give and take.  An occasional tear.  A bit of discussion from time to time.  Magic just does, outside of fairy tales. 

But the laughter and love and caring that grow stronger every day are so very worth the effort.  It's been the best year ever.

Happy Anniversary, love...


Happy Anniversary, may you both have many more together.
Thank you, sweet Ladye! I do hope so...
Hi, sweet thing! Thank you! I guess you won't be surprised to know that I was JUST thinking about you and Steve, and had just called up and reread "The Shortest Day."

I've always loved to celebrate ALL the natural events and holidays, this just makes it even more special. It was his idea, by the way, to marry on the Equinox...I think I have a winner here!
Thank you, Bruce! It's been a very eventful year, a very full year, with its full measure of ups and downs, but as I said--the best ever.
Likewise, my heart...
Here's to us, sweet...
special day, special event, wonderful people---congratulations! it's even sweeter to know that you are celebrating it together, and not flying to one coast or another to do it.

and the day of note does make it simpler to remember. ours is on christmas eve. every time we go to a family gathering for it, we know it's really our celebration, even if we don't tell anyone else!
Thank you, sweet thing! YES, together. I am so grateful..."dating" after marriage is kind of the pits. It's SO much better when you can co-habit!

Christmas Eve would be a good one, indeed-- I'll think of you!
Kate, I wish you both many, many more wonderful years just like this one!
Thank you, very much!! Couldn't ask for much more than that.
well, small wonder - when you have love, you have everything with you :)
Carry on!


That has just flown!!!
You look wonderful together Kate, I wish you both happy ever after. :)

Thank you, Anita! Happy ever after sounds good to me!
Thank you!
Wow, it's been a year already? Congratulations, and happy anniversary to both of you! May you have many more years of happiness.
It really IS hard to imagine it's been a year! I think partly because we still weren't able to live together for nearly the first 10 months of it...I still feel very much the newlywed!

And thank you, sweet thing...


Happy Anniversary! Love is wonderful-- especially after some unintended solitary time.
Yes, it's been just amazing...he's so easy to live with.


Oh, please add my belated good wishes to the others here!! I love the photos of your wedding and I'm so glad you're finally together, on the ground, for real.
Thank you, sweet Laura! We're glad, too! Reality FAR outshines my imaginings...amazing. Who'da thunk it?! ;=)


Best Year Ever.

I (sniff, sniff) NEED (sniff sniff) TISSUES (sniff, sniff). Love like that is a beautiful thing. I wish you both much joy, and happiness for many years to come.

Re: Best Year Ever.

Thank you so much, Carol--we wish the same for you!
Happy Anniversary to both of you! A beautiful couple and beautiful post in honour of the occasion. Good tidings to both of you.

Thank you very much, Serena! It WAS a wonderful wedding, thanks to all our good friends and family--we were going to go to the justice of the peace!