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September 2013



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Finished filling the folder...

full folder, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...at least one side of the smaller one, using Morilla paper (and couldn't resist the alliteration.*G* Yesterday was a very full day--I took the book with me to work on the other side, but the only place I had time to draw (the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store here: http://www.restorekc.org/) I'd forgotten to take the sketch journal in with me--it was locked in the truck! I've even made a tiny, lightweight purse-size version and had left it home, siiigh.

I need to get a few more how-to photos before I can get the slideshow CD on simple journals finished and available--keep getting fuzzy ones or ones where the pertinent details don't show QUITE well enough. But soooooon....

It was a seriously busy day yesterday, but fun! We found some cool old vintage faucets for the rehab at Re-Store, but nothing else we needed (stove, fridge, chopping block counter top, flooring, interior doors, etc.) Still, now we know where it is and can check back. They get more in every day!

We visited the Navy installation--yes, there IS one in KC!--to get him a new ID and to get me on their records as his wife, but we were one piece of paper short. So another trip to the city in the near future!

We had lunch at Winstead's, where I used to go on dates in high school (you know, back when dinosaur burgers were on the menu for only 2 fern leaves and an ammonite shell.) It's a great old place, opened near the Country Club Plaza in 1940, and it was fun to share part of my own history with my husband! http://www.winsteadskc.com/history.php

I dragged him into Architectural Salvage and could barely drag him back OUT! What a treasure that place is. http://www.aoarchitecturalsalvage.com/ We found the porch post we need, several interior doors, and the free world supply of vintage doorknobs. (And of course LOTS of other stuff we have no real need for but much fun to drool over...) We didn't buy anything this time, but we'll go back...

We'd hoped to get to see Ann or Molly, two of our godchildren, while we were in the city, but pulled a blank on both--Molly had said she hoped to go back to work yesterday, so maybe she did! Amazingly soon after surgery...Ann had company from out of town and was doing photo shoots, so we figured it would be luck of the draw if we made connections.

So perhaps next week we'll get to see one or both of them! Ann's a professional photographer who works out of her home, so she's often booked and busy, but SO much fun when we can get together. See some of her amazing work at http://annbrownphotography.com

It's catchup day here...working on the book!


dang, woman. this is gorgeous. now i'm experiencing self-inflicted whiplash, with my head flashing between paints and fabric, paints and fabric...i'm in the throes of a fabric/fiber attack, complete with crochet hooks behind my ear, and quilt squares stacking up.

but this makes me want to put them away and get out the paint!


artistic ADD? it matches my musical tourettes.....


Yes, I'm a charter member of the Short Attention Span Theatre, myself--keeps us from getting bored!

I'd love to hear the musical tourettes in person. ;-)