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September 2013



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Ooops, changed my journal theme...

...kind of inadvertantly, actually.  kateslover changed his and was showing me the new options this morning, and of course I just had to go see what else was there.  If you click on the little magnifying glass in the upper corner, you can see the other choices with your own journal.  If you haven't had your COFFEE yet, and click on "apply theme"--well, there you are, with a new one.  Which I really really didn't like.  I couldn't remember the name of my old one or how to find it out of the hundreds of choices, siiigh.

So for now I picked the first one that I could stand--no time to go through the myriad themes!

What I'd really like is to know how to customize it with my own art as a header, but I've never taken the time to figure that out...someday, in my copious spare time!



Well...it may not be what you really want, Kate,
but The green is soothing and I like the tree at the top and the forest at the bottom.I too am looking forward to the day when you can get your own art as a header--but in the meantime the trees are Very You, aren't they?
I hadn't even noticed the forest at the bottom, Annie! And yes, I do love green and trees, and that's why I clicked on this one--AFTER I managed to click on one I hated! Thanks!
You're right about the spare time, Miss Vicky! We had another busy day today...whew.

Gray sky sounds familiar...but I think this is growing on me, pardon the pun!
Looks good to me babe. Vicky's right - the green DOES become you!
Thanks, love! Guess it was time to have a bit more color...

Of course when I changed it, I lost the rule that I only wanted 5 of the most recent posts on a page, so had to go back and find that again--20 graphics-rich posts just takes TOO long!