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September 2013



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Birgitte the Fey

BirgitteFey Portrait, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

My youngest godchild was having a visit with the faeries a week or so ago, and I had to try to capture that fresh Nordic sweetness...she really IS magic. I was never a big baby-person, but I'm absolutely ga-ga over Birgitte and my middle godchild's baby, Finn. What happened to me?! I can't take my eyes off either one of them, and believe me, my biological clock's mainspring sprung a LONG time ago!

This one is on Fabriano cold press paper, from my stash of paper before they changed the surface. I don't use it any more, unless I have to--a sad commentary on a paper I was loyal to for 30 years, but there you are...it wasn't broken but they fixed it anyway.

Painting on it again last week made me realize again just how much I miss it.


A beautiful child, and a wonderful portrait, Kate!
So they haven't restored that peper for you yet, uh? That's too bad. They should listen to you! ;-)
Paper. Ack. Isn't there a way to edit? :-S
I knew you meant paper! ;-)

And no, no amount of whining seems to be effective! ;-)))

Actually, they never did even send me the samples they promised. I'm shopping for other papers! I've found several I like, and will probably settle on for more or less regular use before long...


Your portrait painting skills always leave in awe!
Thank you, Casey! It's just something I've always really enjoyed--guess that makes it easier. Quite often I'll talk to the subject as I paint (yes, even if I'm working from photos!) asking them to help me.