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September 2013



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Molly Montage

Molly Montage, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

This past weekend was my middle godchild's birthday celebration; I'd started this montage for her months ago, but found it a bit daunting, and didn't finish and mat it till about an hour before the actual party! She is beautiful, tender, talented great with kids, and I love the way her mind works.

She sang at our wedding, and it was just glorious--as always. That's her as Patsy Cline on the left--she played Patsy for years, and reviews called her "incomparable." And she was, and is.

The red-haired version was from a glamour shot her sister, the wonderful photographer Ann Brown took (http://annbrownphotography.com) ...that was the most difficult one. I wanted her to look gorgeous, but not hard. With professional makeup, red hair and dark lipstick, and that serious look, that was more difficult.

The large portrait in the middle is how she looked last Christmas...I took a snapshot of her holding her nephew Finn. Molly's wonderful with the little ones!

At far right is Molly as she appeared in my first book, Quiltwear, wearing a jumper I'd made her--she must have been ten or eleven. All the littlest kids posed for this one, and they HATED it! She and Rachel and Nora were all crying--kids are so funny. They loved their outfits, they just didn't want to pose...

The unfinished sketch on the left will either be erased or finished, whichever Molly herself decides, when she beats the cancer. She looked adorable in her dramatic red scarf and red, black, and white outfit, but we'll see which she wants to do when she's done with all this!

Did I mention I adore my godchildren?


Truthfully, I do too, either painted or not. She says she's rather proud of all the fun, cute things she's learned to do with scarves, and God knows she IS beautiful!
This is gorgeous! Molly seems to be a great, strong person, the kind who is not afraid of keeping memories. Your blog and works are totally amazing, I've browsed a little and I'm awed! (mmh, hope this is a word...)
She is amazingly strong, and becoming moreso. And than you, very much, yes that is a word!
Such a talent to be able to render recognizeable representations! I'm still grateful when I can get heads, necks and shoulders to "fit" together. Let alone the teeny parts like eyes and noses... or the subtle ones like stance and "attitude."