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September 2013



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Folding watercolor sketchbook

I finally started working in this one last week, since I was out of the bound ones--I'm liking it! I really didn't have time to bind more books right now, so I made a batch of additional folding journals to tide me over till I can do more of the hardbound books.

These are so quick to make, I just made a batch at once. Two are already gone--I gave one to Susan yesterday, and one goes to Nora today (the red one, she likes red!) but these will last a while.

New folded journals

I plan to work on both sides (most people seem to work on just one, like Nina Johansson, here: http://ninajohansson.blogspot.com/2008/01/fold-simple-sketchbook.html so each one will have a fair number of pages. If you work one side only, you could cut them apart for a series of small paintings--a good idea for a travel sketchbook, as Nina points out--but I use mine more as a journal. And I need more pages!

Here's Nina's, spread out--fun, isn't it!? : http://ninajohansson.blogspot.com/2007/12/last-page-of-first-december-sketchbook.html>


instructions for making?

Hi, Kate---Can you point me to some directions for making these fold out books with the covers? I've done the cut and folded sheet of paper, but not tried to put covers on it....does it still work to fold and cut the same way, or are these two different approaches? Thanks--Carol C.

Re: instructions for making?

Hi Carol! Well, I actually just kind of made it up. It will be on my CD if I ever get it done, but till then I don't know anyone that does it just like I do. I cut the bookboards a little bigger than the pages, then cover them with whatever I want to. I paste the first and last pages flat onto these boards, making sure (now!) not to get the back of the folds too far from the edge, because the book doesn't open well if there's too much overlap on the back. Then just weight them down and let them dry!

Re: instructions for making?

:) Kate, I made thes exactly like you do for several years with middle school kids. We called them Maze books, because when they are all folded it's a bit like a maze with the pages going back and forth and up and down-

-They especialy liked having the hidden pages where you had to flip up half the book to see the pages. We used mat board for covers, cut just a bit bigger than the page block and some times covered them and sometimes not. The students drew in them, they also wrote poems across several pages making really interactive books.

sorry for the double posting~ I didn't realize that it was set to Anonymous when I hit post. cheers!Stephanie
These are such a great idea...so charming and personal.