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September 2013



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Orange Julius

Orange Julius, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I did a quick sketch of my husband's cat the other day, with Prismacolor colored pencils on toned paper. He was lying next to my computer, listening to me (you can see how alert those ears are!) but still turned away and trying to sleep.

The paper color was so perfect--I let it stand in for much of the detail and just added a few necessary delineations.

Woke this morning with a song from West Side Story trailing into the day from my dream: "Tonight." And yes, tonight, tonight, I'll see my love tonight--[info]kateslover's plane gets in at 10:30 and we are both VERY ready! Home is good...and he's been away too long, too soon after finally getting to be together.

We made it, though, and tonight, tonight....


Oh, you newlyweds! Have a wonderful reunion, dear heart. You've been sketching your cats lately---I've just done one little sketch today of mine. There's something about cats in August, don't you think?
We are SO READY for him to be home, thank you sweetie! I LOVE your new drawings...they're so delightful.
I keep looking at your icon. What a loving, beautiful couple!

Was he pleased with the yellow cat drawing? Of course he was! It is, as always, stunning.
Thank you! And he hasn't seen the drawing yet...his plane was delayed, he's supposed to get in now at 3:20 in the morning!
Oh, dear! Well, it could be worse, I guess. 3:20 will get here before ya know it!
Yep...I actually thought I might be able to sleep, but 'pears not. I'm back up to have a cup of tea...


Fabulous cat!

Re: Julius

Thank you, I'll tell him you said so!