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September 2013



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Merlin eyes

Merlin eyes, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Now you see how he manages to mesmerize me with those Merlinize!  He's curled up on my lap as I type, purring...and occasionally trying to bite the little satin rose off my nightgown.  Must be time to get dressed!

This was great fun...begun wet-in-wet as a demo at the last art crawl, I just kept playing with it this week. The color in his eyes as the warm light struck from the left was unreal...

I used an Artisan short flat/bright brush from Winsor & Newton to lift the lights in his eyes and some of the fine hairs--it's a tiny, stiff nylon brush that will make a very fine edge. Wonderful for lifting...you can see it in the middle, here:

specialty brushes

Click on the image to see it larger, on my Flickr site. You should be able to read the notes better there.  I use the oil painters' brush to scrub and lift, to spatter, and even sometimes to paint rough, uneven passages, like an evergreen's foliage.  The stencil brush is my favorite spattering tool, though!  .

Merlin will probably go into the new North Light book, in the last section, on tools. Poor me, what an awful job I have... :-P  20 years ago I got to write Watercolor Tricks and Techniques as my 2nd book for North Light, and now I'm revising it, with lots of new art and demos.  MOST enjoyable...

And it's helped pass the time till my husband will be home again!


Gorgeous! I love the way the light caused two different colors in the cat's eyes, and the movement from warm to cool.
That's what caught my eye, too! Thank you...



my you outdid yourself on this one Kate...

maggie in sc!!

Re: oh

Thank you, Maggie! Merlin seems pleased. ;-)