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September 2013



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Oh, NOW I get it...eBay stuff...

Finally up on eBay, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...I finally got all my new CDs up in my eBay store (the Cathy Johnson Fine Arts one, here http://stores.ebay.com/Cathy-Johnson-Fine-Art-Galleries) and noticed I had some feedback to leave, for purchases a week or so ago.

Went to do so and was startled by a pop-up that said something like "Buyers--be aware that sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback about you, so feel free to leave honest feedback without fear of negative response from the seller."


So, a buyer could lodge a complaint about me, but I can't respond with "this person didn't pay, or misunderstood, or didn't read the item description" or something similar?

I can only say "wonderful transaction, wonderful buyer, A+++" or nothing at all??

Mind you, I've gotten all positive feedback, hooray, because people are kind and I bend over backwards to please my customers, but...excuse me?? No wonder my friends who sell more regularly on eBay were all up in arms not long ago. I hadn't had time to mess with it for a while, so hadn't discovered this little gem for myself.

Unless I'm mistaken, eBay makes its money from the SELLERS. That is, those of us with things they're auctioning or selling in their stores. eBay takes a nice cut for listing, and then a portion of the sales. We're their bread and butter...and where is OUR protection?

I don't get it. Looks to me as if they'd be wanting to make the sellers happy and safe, too. Granted, if they make the buyers feel safe there will be more sales (or there should be, anyway), but this makes no sense to me.

But then I often don't get the whole marketing thing. I was in Michael's the other day, and they were playing screams and babbles and shouts, LOUD, over the P.A. system. Their Halloween sound track.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Would have shopped more, but screams and the sound of the French Revolution just don't do it for me. Loud. Raucous. Lemme outta here...NOW.

Joseph and I went to a movie, and ALL the previews were of cartoonish action movies, 'cause it was the Batman movie we had gone to see. Um, we're adults? We like Batman, but we also like a whole range of stuff--and not everyone in the audience was a pre-adolescent, either.

There were lots of other types of movies showing, right then, in the multiplex--I would like to have seen previews of some of THOSE, that I might actually attend. A lot of the previewed crash-and-screamers were for movies that won't be out till next year.

Go figure. I am definitely behind the curve. I think I LIKE it here.


Uh huh. I guess we can still lodge a complaint with eBay and all that, but y'know, I'd like to help protect my fellow sellers from a bad buyer, too. I've only had 3 in all the years I've been doing this, but they WERE pretty bad.
Yes, they changed that a little while ago. I'm very unhappy about it!
Well, I GUESS. Makes no sense to me at all...



The trailers are selected by the theater owner. Each reel is shiped by the studios with the film and then the theaters will splice and mix and match the trailers. Owners may know nothing about marketing.

Re: trailers

Really! Thanks for the nugget of info, Domenic. Then it SURE looks as if they'd want us to come back to see some of the other flicks they're actually showing.
I think Ebay was having a problem with sellers refusing to leave feedback for buyers until and unless the buyers left positive feedback first. Sort of a "I'll hold your review hostage unless you give me glowing reviews" kind of thing. And since most buyers do look at a seller's reviews before buying, that makes a difference; whereas the seller doesn't have the option of looking at a buyer's reviews before agreeing to sell.

Not saying it's fair; just saying that's what I think was behind their decision.
Could be. It just offers no protection for the sellers, and we're their bread and butter. Unless I'm reading it wrong, it also allows for no rebuttal or explanation, if you GET a bad review as a seller. Just not good...