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September 2013



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Joseph at the Laptop

Joseph at the Laptop, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

I don't normally work from photos, but his one turned out so well, and since I was missing my husband...had to give it a shot!

I like the unpredictability of working wet-in-wet--it's exciting, and I encourage surprises (so does that mean they really aren't?). Well, I know the paint will do something, I just don't always know what...here, I got a backrun on the side of his face, and another at his shoulder. I really like that one!

He was working at the reconditioned laptop that we just got hooked up on a network with this computer...normally when I point a camera at him I get a big, sweet smile, but I snuck up on him. I like the unguarded, serious look here...

I combined several techniques here...liquid mask, wet-in-wet, granulating colors, spatter, scraping, drybrush. You can click on the image, if you're interested, to see some of the notes on what was done where...

Meanwhile, God willing, he'll be home Sunday night!

And I'm not so concerned about going to pick him up at the airport. A recurring problem with my Jeep turned out to be a transmission that needed replacing--eeep! But after 3 days of mostly being without transportation (my bad knee doesn't like the clutch in his beloved truck), I have to say I'm impressed with the service at Certified Transmission! A good job, promptly done, lots of explanation, choices offered, and they follow up in 15 days or a couple of hundred miles to check and make sure everything's working properly. They even gave me an auto shop discount, since I told them my mechanic had recommended them.

So, happily, on the road again (where's Willie Nelson when you need him?!)


Thanks, girl! It's good to hear from you, hope you're well!
I wish I could say the same! I'm so busy these days I have to ration my time online, and feel like I'm missing so much with all of you...glad to hear you're well!
LOVE it! I added it to my favorites! (I've got some YouTube how-to slides shows, myself...)



It is just wonderful! I'm anxious to know how much he will appreciate it!
And I loved seeing your notes on the Flick'r photo. I'm one of those late in life "artists" who decided several years ago to just play with pencils, pens, brushes, and watercolor. No rules - my career as a professor of medicine was overly structured and I needed to eliminate any possibility of getting paralyzed by rules while teaching myself something new. I loved your comments on the EDM website yesterday - they really resonated with me.

Re: Portrait

Hi Shirley, and thank you so much for the kind words...yes, people sometimes paralyze themselves with needing to be perfect before ever starting to paint, and it just doesn't work that way. You can't learn everything FIRST, then paint...it's baby steps, and we can approach it with a child's delight in learning and exploration, in my opinion.

I'm glad you liked my comments! I was addressing them to one of my students who unfortunately had to drop out after the 2nd class, and I think it may have been in part because she is so hard on herself and has set expectations too high for anyone to be able to meet them. I've been painting all my life and I'm not perfect yet! ;-)

But it's like breathing to me, I have to do it...
This is a great sketch!
thank you! I am glad I had the chance to do it...


Oh so very handsome! Beautiful portrait.

On another note, I'm enjoying your watercolor pencil workshop cd!!!!

Thank you, Deb! He is...he gives me so much pleasure in so many ways. Only two more full days till he can start HOME!!

And I'm delighted you're enjoying the CD!