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September 2013



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This morning's work

This morning's work, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

This morning I ran away from home. I'd gone to the lake to sketch last night, but the weather is suddenly stunning, cool, crisp, delightful, and it was Saturday night at the State park. Wall-to-wall people, and close to closing time.

I saw a pair of whitetail does right at the entrance when I got there...should have stopped to sketch them then, because by the time I gave up and headed home, there was a ranger parked crosswise of the little road that would have let me get close to their evening meadow. NO idea what that accomplished--it's the turnaround for people who pull up to the gate after it's closed, and with the truck parked across both lanes your only choice would have been to back up. Not so easy if you're pulling a trailer.

But of course I wasn't, just disappointed I couldn't park close to what I wanted to sketch.

That had been the case everyplace I went, last night! Just too many people, filling up all the space. Soooo...nobody gets up and out early, or at least lots fewer. I packed up art supplies and a travel mug of coffee and hit the road, as soon as I'd had my "good morning" call from my husband, from California.

It was still cool and delightful, and not nearly so crowded...no deer in the meadow, but I did get to see the turkey I sketched from memory, and find a place to settle in the shade to sketch the tree at right, above.

You can see it more clearly here:
August 10

I'm working in my accordion fold journal, made from a single sheet of watercolor paper--the easiest to make, with no stitching, but frustrating sometimes since it unfolds precipitously and tries to escape! Must find time to bind books!

This was not the tree I'd originally planned to paint, but it was as close as I dared get--some people had set up a target for archery too near the other one, and missed it altogether rather too frequently. Seemed the better part of valor to adjust my plans and do this one instead!

It did improve my mood greatly to get out and paint, though--I'm missing my husband ferociously, and truth to tell I am cranky as a bear fresh from hibernation. (For the same reason, in part, this morning--forgot to take breakfast, and was starving by the time I quit painting near noon...)

Ah well, 7 more days to go...and plenty to do to keep me busy in the meantime. I think I prefer my lovely quiet life--TV-free, noise-free unless I choose it--to what he's dealing with, though I really did want to go with, and try to buffer a bit.

Thank God for making art...


beautiful paintings! we had a spectacular weekend, too--even got to go out horseback riding on saturday, for an hour. now i will have the scent and squeak of leather in my memory, and the smell of horse in my nose to feed my heart this winter. it was good.

i hope joseph can accomplish what needs to be done with the least amount of stress. it is abysmal to have to do family stuff on one's own, but sometimes that's the best way to get it done, i fear. at least he knows who and what he's coming home to. there will be comfort, kindness, and cats waiting for him--not to mention lovely paintings for him to see!

i think that i love paintings because they record not just a moment, but a whole impression of that moment. there is a range of emotions included that belong to the artist, and that artist is kind enough to let the rest of us in on it. photos are marvelous, but it is the dispassionate eye of the lens that records just that moment in time, and makes each of us reach their own conclusion. i rather like being "in" on the artist's heart in a painting...

yeah. that....
Oooh, glad you had such a lovely weekend! I don't ride well, I'm afraid, never did. You know how they say "let the horse know who's boss"? No problem. They know.

I hope he can get through it without too much angst, too--today's the big day for actually getting started with meetings, etc. So hoping it goes smoothly...I don't envy him in the least! He is ANXIOUS to be home, I'll have to say...and I'm tired of waking up without him. Imagine getting so spoiled in only 3 weeks...

And yes, you've really nailed it with what is special about a painting...it's the response, the emotions, the feeling that goes into making them. Something of that comes through, if we're fortunate.
Those are beautiful! I learn a lot by looking at your plein air work.

For my birthday I splurged, and got myself some Daniel Smith tube paints, along with that same palette that you use for your plein air work. The difference is *amazing* - the colors are bright and striking, and very easy to work with. I got a red-yellow-blue set to practice color mixing with, and I'm learning a lot doing that.

Last week, I put together a little Altoids tin set with the new paints, and I take that when I go out to paint something. I like that I have the freedom to go paint a little at the local coffee shop if I want to. I don't have a lot of space for painting at home, so I use the little palette I just purchased for home work, and the Altoids tin for plein air work.
Thank you, Bork! And good for you, I'm glad to hear you got yourself some good paints, I KNOW you'll enjoy them.

I like my tiny tin that can go everywhere with me...

I don't seem to have a lot of room either--always piled with work and books and papers and cats lolling about! I just shove back enough space for my painting and my palette, and go.