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September 2013



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Blue J, Leaving

BlueJ, Leaving, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Well, after my last post--"settling in"--I'm not exactly thrilled to have to say we're apart again, so soon. He had family duties in California, so he is there and I am here, and neither of us is happy about it.

Making art helps. Work helps.

I stopped by Smithville Lake on my way home from the airport yesterday--I had sketched him while we were waiting for his plane, in the last page of my handmade journal, so I just added a quick sketch of the landscape, again, sort of as I did last week at Watkins Mill. I was overlooking the dam, near the Visitors Center...a great sweep of water and sky, from that vantage point.

Closer to home I stopped again at Tryst Falls for a quick sketch...and then had demos to do last night at Old English Garden Shoppe, the store that handles my work here in Excelsior Springs. It's GOOD to have work to do...the house is terribly empty and quiet. Even the cats miss him...they seem to be looking for him everywhere.

Of course this means the next 9 days will be a blur of work, and that's good. My halfway point deadline approaches, and I mean to be ready.



I am thankful that you have creative and meaningful
work to fill your time and to help you through such
a disappointment to you both.. Let's hope this won't
happen often in your lives. Now that he's finally
retired,you surely want to make up for lost time
and not miss a shared moment.
I agree, Annie, and thank you for your kind words! Yes, this was way too soon, and doesn't feel right at all, but Im glad I've got lots of work to do.


I can always almost feel the love you have for your man when I see the sketches you make of him--which are excellent BTW! Good thing you have a lot to keep you busy. (And we all greatly appreciate your work!) He'll be back home in your arms soon! :):)
Always, Rita (soulcomfort)
Thank you, Rita! I know, and I'm feeling a bit better now--only 8 more days. Painting in the park, Creme Brulee' ice cream and a dozen roses have improved my morale a lot, too...


All will be well, dear Kate. You'll work so hard this week, it'll be gone before you know it.
Take care and xoox,
I know, dear girl! Although I've goofed off pretty energetically for 3 days now. I'd intended to jump right into work, but somehow I needed some self-indulgence first.

Besides, Art Crawl was Friday night, Sketchcrawl was Saturday afternoon, and although I enjoyed both, that was rather a lot of scheduled activity for me. ;-) Downtime was delicious...