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September 2013



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Settling in...

...into my new life, that is. After having a long distance friendship for 10 years, then a long distance relationship for some time, and then a long distance marriage since last September, my life changed completely when my husband finally got to retire and move here, 3 weeks ago. I wondered how I would adjust, having been single for 11 years after my first husband's death, and being rather stunningly independent.

Quite well, thanks! We complement eachother, often thinking of the same thing at the same time, sharing tastes, blending work and lifestyles (remember that word from the '70s?). We respect one another's space and needs, we seem to be able to talk about everything, and reach a compromise, if necessary, with a minimum of angst. We both like quiet, so that's wonderful, too.

He is taking care of things I was never very good at--paying bills on time, balancing the checkbook, dealing with details that have never been my forte, just my lot. (Harris did NONE of that!)

We've had lovely times at the lake, as these images attest; he loves the outdoors as much as I do, or more.

Canadas at Watkins Mill Lake

He's organizing my space to make things work better for me...and to make them OUR space, which they are. And I find that then I want to organize "stuff" to make it work better for him, too. This is his home too, now, our home, and I need for him to be comfortable here. I don't want him to feel like a guest.

He's a delight to cook for, being somewhat adventurous and very appreciative; I like to cook, as does he (we sort of take turns) so that has worked out very well. (He makes KILLER deviled eggs and crab cakes!)

The most important transition took place this week--we finally got the laptop up and running, and on a network so he can go online at the same time I do rather than sharing this computer. For a workaholic who works from home, this was the biggest adjustment for me! ;-P

Yep, I think this is going to work very well indeed...


So happy for you! And it IS awesome to be able to co-laptop.
Hope the adjustments are fun, funny and exciting.
Thank you! Who woulda thought I'd need a network right here in my little house!? But...it's OUR little house, now, and it's great. I can look in there and see him working quietly away...

So far, quite, quite fun, thank you for that, too!