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September 2013



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nora I have been working on the new, revised Watercolor Tricks and Techniques for North Light Books, and thought it would be fun to combine techniques--a loose wash to tint the background, with gouache to pull out the planes of the lovely young woman's face...the step by step progression on this one will go to North Light!

This is my youngest godchild, Nora, and I've been wanting to paint her for ages! (Of course I have, before, but not since she was an adult...those eyes!! And where did she get that aristocratic nose? No one else in our family has such a distinctive one...)

I really enjoyed this, and want to do more in a similar vein...

(Ooops, I had tweaked the image on Flickr and it disappeared here!  Edited again, now...)




Kate, this portrait is tender and beautiful. I've read that the best portraits emphasize the eyes, and this girl's eyes pulled me right in.
Thank you! I LOVE painting eyes...peoples', animals', whatever!



Both Nora and the painting are beautiful. Is the gouache the white lines?

Re: Nora

Thank you, Shirley! Everything that isn't the blue and burnt sienna background is gouache, except for a very few remaining thin white lines that might be the colored pencil I did the initial sketch with, just as a guideline.
she is lovely. and there is a bit of knowing her, just seeing the portrait. nicely done--and i suspect she truly is a doll!
She is, Miss Abby, but she is also VERY much her own person, very independent, and smart. I think that shows, too.
Thank you, she is that! All my godchildren are pretty wonderful...


This really is a haunting work.

Thank you, Pablo, I hope she'll be pleased...


What a beautiful young woman, and done so beautifully as well. I love the depth of the portrait.
Thank you, yes, she is...

Off-Topic: Number of Journal Entries On A Page

Hi, Kate/Cathy:

I just read your post on the EDM digest where you wanted to know how to set the number of entries/posts that appears on a page. I'm not sure if it was answered, but you set it on the "Customize Journal Style" page that appears when you click on the "Customize Journal Theme" option from the Journal dropdown banner. :-)

Re: Off-Topic: Number of Journal Entries On A Page

Thank you! I'll try to find that again--I did visit "customize your journal" last night, but didn't see that option.

Re: Off-Topic: Number of Journal Entries On A Page

Ah. It's in the presentation section. Or easier, try to go here from your LJ:


Hope it helps. :-) And your goddaughter and painting are both beautiful, by the way.

Re: Off-Topic: Number of Journal Entries On A Page

Yep, got it and thank you! I'm sure those on dial-up will appreciate it...I don't tend to shrink all my graphics sufficiently, so my journal's probably slow enough as it is!

And thank you again for the help and the comment on Nora!



Such an ethereal painting...Nora is

Your work magic with your brush!

Thanks for sharing your latest!

Dorothy from
Bucks County, PA

Re: Nora

Thank you very much, Dorothy...yes, she is beautiful indeed...
this portrait is just beautiful, I love the mood of this painting!
Marvelous job:)
Thank you! I was glad she liked it, too...


I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the "Arte y Pico" award.

You can read about your nomination and the rules here: http://infinitevisons.blogspot.com

Well how sweet, Carolyn! Thank you! I'm sorry I don't have time to respond, I'm working like crazy on my book deadline. All that html just defeats me!