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September 2013



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The canoe's home...

canoe's home (1), originally uploaded by Cathy Johnson2007.

...and so is my husband! Look at that smile...

We've only been married since September of 2007, and have lived half a continent apart with occasional "dates" since then until he could retire and get his Front Royal, Virginia, house ready to sell. So having him HERE, in the same state, the same town, the same house, is nothing short of a miracle.

We've been working on the rehab project next door since April of '07, mostly me and volunteers and a couple of paid helpers/contractors/carpenters, with the occasional specialist thrown in--Cornerstone Carpets did the kitchen floor last week.

It's been a long process, and often frustrating for both of us. In order to make decisions or let him know what progress had been made, I'd take photos, upload them to Flickr, tell him they were there, and then we'd look at them together. We'd make decisions based on that, and communication was occasionally a bit garbled, but we managed.

So lovely to be able to go TOGETHER, look at something, make a decision, and deal with it!

So, from now on the photos in my "House Rescue" album will be for friends and family (who were of course always welcome!) and other old house enthusiasts and rehabbers, as well as documentation for our own use. I may not shoot as many, but will try to choose those that might be of more interest to a wider audience...

It's here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/

And now we're waiting for the moving van...we'd hoped to have a bit more done so we wouldn't move boxes around to get at the walls or woodwork, but it is what it is--and as usual, we'll deal with it!


I love happily ever afters! :-) the thing about them is it's lived out one day at at time. :-)

We stayed in Front Royal one night last month while on our trip out east :-) Lovely old town! (We drove through Shenendoah National park. Gorgeous gorgeous country!)
Isn't it beautiful there? SO picturesque...and OH yeah, Shenandoah National Park is astounding.

Thanks for your kind thoughts...
You KNOW it girlfriend! Love that picture of you and Steve...
when the two halves finally get to meld, the rest is extraneous. you have a near lifetime to worry about boxes and playing "find the stuff". the important events make the rest nothing.

himself is there. the boxes can take care of themselves for a little while! after all, home is where the heart is...
You are SO right, O Wise One. :-) Now if I could just get Joseph to relax a bit...here it is after 7 in the evening, and he's back over there organizing...


That "finally together" feeling ... Fantastic! :)
Thanks, E-J, it does really feel good!


I've nominated you for an award....

I have nominated you for a blog award. Visit my blog for all the details. http://captelaine.blogspot.com

Re: I've nominated you for an award....

Thank you, very much, Captain Elaine! If I figure out how to put up the little icon, I will, gladly! Up to my eyeteeth in working on the book and getting organized, though, so who knows when I'll slow down enough to try to find out...
Yay, congrats! You two deserve it, after all this time.
Thanks, girl--we have been uncommonly patient! *G*
I know I've already said it, but I am so happy for you two! Finally together - I can't imagine how I'd be away from Mike as you had to do w/ Joseph. Big hugs all around!

And good luck w/ the remaining work on the refurb next door - it is really shaping up very nice! I covet the bookcases, heh.
Thanks, girl! The bookcases are definitely filling up...we've taken load after load of empty boxes and packing materials to the recycle.