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September 2013



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They don't sell real estate like they used to!

Well,this is a HUGE change from the last time I had anything to do with buying or selling real estate...of course that was 1977, when we sold our little back-to-the-land farm and moved into our current home at the edge of a small, countrified town.

Then, you drove yourself to a local agent, told them what you wanted and what you could afford to pay, then they drove you all over the place before you found the place that was just right.

Now, computers make everything accessible to anyone, anywhere, and let you take virtual online tours--up front, from the convenience of your own computer! (And of course last time I bought anything, home computers were science fiction, not fact!  I think the earth's crust was still cooling, then...)

This is fascinating!  I've got insomnia tonight, so I've been browsing around kateslover's Virginia house, where I've spent many happy hours...fascinating to see it as a buyer would.  I KNOW how well it works, I've worked there.  I KNOW how inviting it is, I've sketched it--but the virtual tour lets anybody see that for themselves.  Amazing...


Isn't technology grand?  Of course I guess I did sort of the same thing, with my own little Flickr set, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/sets/72157606054864435/ but this is more how we experienced the house.  Lots of fond memories...

Of course what these don't show are things like the accessibility to some of the best canoeing territory ever, on the Shenandoah River, or the easy access to Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park, but the tour of the house itself is FUN.  Makes me homesick...

Guess I should have known that computers and the Internet would have changed this, too--they've certainly changed how I earn my living as a freelancer!  So fingers crossed, here, folks...


That's a nice tour!
It WAS, I was very impressed with what Chris (the realtor) did. And of course the last time I saw the house, it had furniture and the chaos of getting ready to move. It looked a lot different, and OH those hardwood floors! Lovely!
i haven't had time to do the tour--i'm at work--but sight unseen, this place speaks to my heart. there's a part of me that really, really wants to win the lottery and just buy this. oh, well...i'd have to buy a ticket for that to happen. but, like i said, virginia has always been a place of happiness and homecoming for me. i spent lots of time there as a kid, with my aunt and uncle, and my grandmother/stepgrandfather.

there is a kind of longing in my heart, and that blue door beckons. maybe this week, that lottery ticket for once...
I know JUST what you mean about the lottery tickets, girlfriend...maybe just this once...

I'm going to miss going there, too. Very, very beautiful...


What a fun tour, but you'd never get me
off that sun porch-- after I had spent
a long time (of course) checking out
that cozy nook of books, first.
Good luck with it!
We did spend a LOT of time out there, Annie! Wonderful place to paint, beautiful light, fun to eat out there with the breeze but no bugs!

And thank you...it deserves a family that will love it as much as Joseph did, for years, and as I did when I came on the scene!


I took the tour! What a sweet little house. I love the fact that it was built in 1948. Aside from the great sun room, my favorite thing about it may be that lovely terraced front yard. I remember that kind of yard from my childhood. I can so easily visualize you two in that sun room! Joseph did a fantastic job of cleaning up, I must say!
Hi sweetie! Yes, it is a wonderful place, made more so by his additions--the upper story/master bedroom and bath, etc. and the sunroom. I LOVE that bedroom...it was just an attic when he bought the house.

He did work himself silly getting it all cleaned up...looks great! It has patina and character, which most new houses don't (in my opinion/experience, anyway!) but it's all so clean and shining...

XOXO right back atcha!