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September 2013



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HOME!!, originally uploaded by Cathy Johnson2007.

Is this a happy face, or what??


kateslover's, maybe not Julius, yet--took that old kitty till this afternoon to really decide this was OK. He's lounging around now as if he'd aways been here, and Lara's snoozing on the couch.

 I shut Merlin up in the bathroom for the morning, till everyone could explore thoroughly...you can see, he's caught Julius's attention, though, under the chair. Melding fur families is always a challenge, and hooray for books like The Cat Whisperer!

They got in about 9 last night, after two VERY long days on the road, and it was wonderful to welcome my husband home at last. We're taking it easy for a few days, to give him a chance to rest (though for him resting often means puttering about--he's out sweeping mulberries off the front walk, right now. *G*  And of COURSE we had to go check out the rehab around 11:00 p.m. last night!)

Fitting in

This was BEFORE I put Merlin in the time-out chair for a while...the growling and hissing stopped almost immediately, and now that Lara and Julius have had a chance to scope out the possibilities, they're much more relaxed.  So is the boy.  So are we all!

So...welcome home, truly...


Yay!! Congratulations to you both on being able to finally get 'settled' together! :)

And I LOVE the last picture. The shiny eyes perfectly say, "stay away from me, or I shall shoot you with my laser beams!".
Thank you, girlfriend!

We were thinking of that last one about "laser rockets armed in 3--2--1..." *G*



HOME!!! Kate, I am overjoyed for you!!!!! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!!


Love you both


Thank you, Miss Lin! It's it wonderful!?
Welcome home, indeed! Yay!!


Home never felt SO GOOD.
Oh, look, it thought I was anonymous...*G*
welcome home, traveller! happy to see you are all settling in, and that the territory is being shared. it is so good to see the circle come to a proper close.

even from here, it feels righteous.
You are SUCH a good friend...
AGAIN and again and again!

Thank you, girl!



Yay to you, Kate! I'm so happy for you both. :)

Leslie in Alabama

Re: Yippee!!

Thanks Leslie!

Apparently this weekend was good for animals meeting and getting along. My dog managed to get along reasonably well with my sister's cats - which means I'll be able to bring her along when I visit the next time :)
Oooh, that does help, doesn't it!


Home at last. I am so glad for everyone - kitties included! I am looking forward to seeing more photos of the happy new family and more artwork from both you and Joseph :) Tina

Re: Hurray!

Thanks, Tina...it's really good to see the fur children getting along this well, I was worried about them at first!


Welcome Home

I'll bet the grin on the other side of the camera was just as big!!! Congratulations to both of you. He's got to be a happy man, starting retirement and living with his wife at the same time! Best wishes to both of you.--Carol C.

Re: Welcome Home

Thank you, sweet Carol, you're right on the money!


Yay!!! Welcome Home Joseph! Welcome Home Kitties!!!

I'm so happy for all of you. Now some of the stress of being apart is no longer an issue... (I know how hard that can be...)

Begin the Beguine ...or in this case the Honeymoon, again!

Gentle Hugs and wonderful Wishes to you all,

Bonny in BC
Thank you, Bonny! And yes, you DO know what that's like, I know. Here, it was sort of like perpetual dating, every few months. Erk! I'm too old for dating!! And way too many goodbyes...this is wonderful.


I'll say that's a happy face! I'm so glad you two are finally in one place, together! I"m looking forward to more photos of the settling in process---you've got me hooked ;D.
Love to both,
Isn't that a great look for him?

And of course there will be more photos...

Love right back atcha!
welcome home to all!