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September 2013



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Road Warrior--he's in West Virginia now!

Blue Joseph, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

My sweet husband is on his way! He finally got the Virginia house emptied and cleaned up, and hit the road this morning, pulling his teardrop trailer and bringing home two lovely felines!

I was afraid they'd be miserable and cry all the way, but sounds as if they're being really good. Lara's shedding like crazy from the stress, and has been for a few days with all the upset of movers and disturbed routine, but he says they're handling the trip and their little harnesses--which he's been having them wear for a while now--quite well. Thank goodness! HE didn't need the extra stress of crazed animals across half a continent!

He called to tell me the scenery was glorious in West Virginia...he wished he had time and that there were a place to pull over to paint! That's what always drives me nuts on road trips...all the vistas you can't stop for.

When I visit Virginia, I see dozens such--and no place to pull off the road.

Well, perhaps when he's finally home...

I've been getting rid of more stuff here, and cleaning the house in preparation for his arrival. We'll both be so exhausted by the time he gets here we'll probably just collapse!

And hooray for Freecycle, they've taken a great deal of stuff off his hands, and mine! An old buddy called on the ceiling fan from the rehab, and took all the paint, too, so we are really making progress. Between that and our respective charity thrift stores and recyclers, we've really been hauling tons of stuff...

I've been working on the North Light book, too...plugging away at it, and making some progress...

With all that going on, I'd forgotten all about the art crawl tonight--I'm so tired I don't know if I'm even going to wander through, but I'll probably try, when I catch my breath a little.

My kingdom for a stretch of nothing-to-do!




He's coming home!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!



ME TOO, thank you, sweetie!!! It's a very long drive, but he made it into Kentucky last night.

almost heaven, west virginia...in my heart of hearts, i've always wanted to retire there. it won't happen, but i still dream about it.

so glad himself is on the way for real. what a relief and joy! somehow the universe feels a bit better aligned, just knowing that the rest of you is headed in the right direction.

journey mercys!
West Virginia IS beautiful...

And thank you, sweetie! It does feel good, and right, at last!


He's there now!!! Have a glorious reunion and homecoming, both of you!
Himself says "thank you!" And so do I...

He got in about 9 last night, and we're melding furry families--with care! Much growling and hissing, but they're settling down a bit now...everyone had chicken breast together and that solves a great many problems.


Glad he made it safely!

I live in Virginia and it drives me nuts to see so many worthy sites to draw... and nowhere to stop and do it!!