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September 2013



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Kitchen Floor is DONE!

finished floor, originally uploaded by Cathy Johnson2007.

Not only did Cornerstone Carpet show up on the day they promised, they were half a day early! And you know, still in my nightgown and wild hair and all, I didn't even mind. I can dress faster than any human alive (OK, slight exaggeration!) and within less than 5 minutes I was over there with the door open and camera at the ready!

I walked back and forth with loads of books, each time taking a few more photos as the floor progressed--too bad we didn't get the baseboard done in time to have it painted before we got the new floor down, but I'll be very, very careful!

I am SO pleased with this lovely, sunny kitchen! (Now I want new floor here, too...) And I'm so pleased that they still make this pattern, if not the color I like best. I don't believe I've ever lived anywhere that didn't have this pattern, either already in place or soon after! It's so homey and vintage-looking. REALLY goes with the era of the house...I think we'll be doing some fun entertaining here...wanna come to a party?

New photos up here, as usual: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/

And you'll see the repro trim I found online from Van Dyke Restorers for those doors that didn't have any--they were even on sale, and came in sets of two! They're here, and they're the same pattern as most of those in the house. http://www.vandykes.com/product/02019677/

This is the fun part, seeing things come together...

And my sweetie will be on his way here SOON--the movers are at his Virginia house, right now. I like that kind of progress best of all...



new floor covering and books

YAY, Kate! I love that pattern,
too. Have had it in my own home
have seen it in others. I have liked
every shade I have seen, but I love
a sunny kitchen like this. What a
great feeling it must be to see
this and start moving in books. I
probably love nothing as much as
moving in hooks. Well, o.k., READING
them. How many books can you fit
in there? How many is Joseph-- never
mind,I think I am nosing in too
much, but an empty book shelf just sets
me off!

Re: new floor covering and books

No idea how many...Joseph has 65 boxes on their way here, but I have no clue how big the boxes are!

great floor!

Congratulations on your progress! :)

Re: great floor!

Thank you! Progress feels really GOOD.
Yay for progress!! And Yay for being with your sweetie soon!

It's so lovely to read about your romance :)
Can't wait! The movers took all his stuff today, so he's for a motel tonight...
Thanks girl, and it sure does! There will still be a ton of stuff to do, but it will be easier to deal with the movers if we get some of this out of the way now.

My kitchen here has the brick red I put in about 25 years ago--it's worn and ratty, but I hate to replace it since they don't make "my" color any more! Everything's pretty White Bread out there...hey, you can have beige or white or gray, wow. How exciting...

This was the most colorful version I could find!

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It's really coming together! What a warm and cozy place this is---you've done a super job, Miss Kate!
Thank you, sweet Laura, it's going to be even nicer Real Soon. His friends who have seen the photoset on Flickr wonder whatever made us think it could be saved, but...lunacy, I guess! ;-)

I don't blame them! Just looking at it again wears me out!



Not lunacy. You've found a way to
consolidate your homes,next door
to each other,without having
to move out of your own charming
place-- really creative.
We do get lots of questions and odd looks, though, Annie!

At least this was something we could afford to do, and as he said, it rescued me from living next door to any more druggies!


Oh, well...don't artists sometimes get odd
looks, anyway? And this is Urban Renewal at its
finest. I would hate to have to move
from that dear little yellow house to a
bigger house somewhere else.
Yes, we do.*g*

And I do love bringing back an old house--the neighborhood is much the better for it! I think older homes have so much more character...