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September 2013



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MerlinGrace, and life in general

MerlinGrace, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Sunday was so busy I never got the chance for my usual go-out-and-paint, so I did this one in my journal just before bed...Merlin's quite the back-loller!

Life's been crazier than usual...everything has stacked up like jet planes over LaGuardia.

My sweet husband finally got to retire, a week ago Friday! His second retirement, actually, he was career Navy, then worked for the Navy as a civilian till the other day...

But his mom had another heart attack the very next day after he retired--no time to even celebrate--and has spent over a week in the hospital again. She's an incredibly strong and amazing woman, though! She was supposed to get to go home yesterday, so I'll call in a bit to make sure all went well. SO holding our breath on this...

His move from Virginia to Missouri is at last underway--a bit bumpy, but underway. I had hoped to make a flying trip back there to help him finish packing and getting the house ready to sell, but airfares and work made that difficult if not impossible. He felt I should be here, and I'm for anything that gives him a bit less stress right now!

The rehab had slowed to a crawl and there was so much that really needed to be done before movers get here that it was best I stay home and either work on it myself--which I've done a lot of late!--or try to get the workmen back on track. He was right.

I've pulled that off to a degree, anyway, and at least the two things my husband requested will be usable--kitchen cabinets (though no counter or sink yet, and the flooring is to be installed tomorrow), and the library shelves ready to receive books.

They are, as of yesterday, though the new trim could use another coat of paint.

I took a mountain of stuff to recycle yesterday--plastic, paper, cans, cardboard--and there's another smaller mountain to go today--at least that makes a bit more room in both houses. At present, the movers could barely get in the front door. The tub is still sitting there, and probably will be, but I've tried to move most stuff back against the walls or spaced in other rooms.

I need to get over there this morning while it's as cool as it's going to be and get the kitchen floor swept and vacuumed so the vinyl can go down tomorrow afternoon (God willing!)

That's a lovely little house he has back there--the fact that the bedroom's on the second floor and the washer's in the basement made it pretty problematical for my knee, but it's a charmer. When he moved there, he had the attic made into a second floor, and the master bedroom is wonderful. Lots of light and natural ventilation, interesting angles...the studio/sewing room is lovely, too. Some lucky person is going to love it. (Know anybody that would like to live at the beginning of Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park? Spectacular scenery...and the charming little town of Front Royal...)

But...my knee and the fact that he had to refinance it last year means we really can't afford it, on retirement income. The house here is paid for--of course. (It was a junker...)

Meanwhile, I've been trying to meet my book deadline, scanning, painting, doing OCR, and feeling more than a little crazed myself. We could both use some time off...I am SO going to make him rest for a while when he finally gets here!


too much of a muchly, as grandma used to say! so much stress piled on so much stress. you are right. make that man just set a spell when you finally get him there. you both need to just sit and stare at each other for a while. don't forget to breathe. and then begin to enjoy.

you both are in my heart--take good care of each other!
Hey, sweetie! It really IS too much of a muchly, your grandma was a wise woman! I hope we get a reasonable time to do nothing at all. He had originally planned to sell his little Scotty trailer, but nothing worked out. Then the plan was to leave it there till the house sold, then go back and deal with all that, and pull it here. Now the realtor says he needs to really get it out of there before the house sells, so he's planning on a brief breather, then drive BACK across country and pull the trailer back here. Road trip!

Another one.


At least I'll go with him this time, and hope I can meet my deadline without a hitch...
What a lovley painting Kate...he looks the absolute charmer here!
Thanks, Ronell...and he really IS a sweetie. He follows me around like a pup, and likes to lie at my feet.
Such a beautiful character study and the way he flows across the hinge is perfect. Lovely work as usual.
Thank you, Robyn! He is my pretty boyo, that's for sure...