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September 2013



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Something to be said for dealing with professionals...

cool shape, originally uploaded by Cathy Johnson2007.

...this arrived this morning, along with the new pedestal sink, on the DAY it was promised, and even a bit earlier than they'd originally thought. They called me this morning to confirm delivery before noon, and by golly, at 11:30, there they were.

LORD that feels good!  I can go on with my work, no standing around wondering what's happening or where someone is...I can actually spend some time making a living!  Fancy that.

Of course I should have checked the boxes while I was over there, but I'm PRETTY sure we got what I ordered! ;-)

I had no idea these pretty little pedestal lavatory sinks were so inexpensive...

So this morning I carried more books over, sealed some of the plywood edges on the cabinets, put on a couple more switchplates, got the vintage built-in cabinet all ready to paint, and sanded everything I could reach in the bathroom.  (Rats, I am SO short--even with the new 3-step stepladder I couldn't quite reach the ceiling drywall patch, and that room doesn't even have a high ceiling like the front four rooms, original to the Victorian house!)

I also decided to open the bathroom door, which has been shut for months since it doesn't have a doorknob just now.  And, siiiigh, the old back door was leaning up against it (please don't ask me why) and it fell, of course, and shattered the glass.  BUGS!!!  It was safety glass, since the druggies who used to live there kept breaking in (or out?) or people tried to break in (one night at 3 am I heard them breaking into their own house, and even talking about it!) so I don't have a mess to clean, but bugs anyway.  It's darned heavy, and it was all I could do to get it picked up and out of the way. 

Anyway, feels like PROGRESS, again...and now I'm off for a shower to get the drywall dust out of my hair!



Odd to pop in here and see a photo of a toilet!! Life is always a process I bet you will be so happy to get back to painting! Looks great! I love bright warm white! Continued success!
i was laughing out loud! when last we installed a new "throne" in the bathroom, i made him bring me along to pick it out. the last one he got was plug-ugly (no pun in there, much...) and i hated it for years. somehow, it totally escaped him that something as mundane as a toilet could be really, really ugly, and a visual offense.

the new one is much nicer, and it is NOT UGLY!!!! (and the seat is hydraulic, so it is physically impossible to drop or slam it. no loud noises in the night please!)

love the pedestal sink. it should meld with the era of the house, beautifully!

nice work, lady--even better finish, coming soon!
Two winters ago, my husband and I went out of state for Christmas. Neither of us remembered to take a house key with us when we left, squeeking through the automatic garage door as it closed.
When we got home at 2 am a week later, it was 20 degrees out and a good two feet of new snow on the ground. The taxi dropped us off, left and we proceeded to check all the windows. One bedroom window was cracked open just a tad. We got the ladder down from the side wall and my husband yanked the window open far enough to wedge himself in. All this was done with new neighbors next door. Their bedroom and the one we broke into are the closest parts of the two houses.
We still don't know what they thought of it all. The ladder made a terrible racket when we got in down off the wall and we tried to whisper, but it was such a bizarre situation that the quiet-whispering-act lasted about 25 seconds.