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September 2013



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New knobs, fresh paint, baby steps

Well, a bit more progress on the rehab today...after priming the patched places on the kitchen walls yesterday, I was able to paint them again today--pretty!

I got out my own little drill, made a template, and put on the porcelain knobs on all the doors and drawers, too, so the cabinets are pretty near usable now. A few of the doors didn't get painted on the backsides while we had the sprayer rented, and there's a couple of rough spots I need to fill and sand and repaint, but it's GETTING there.

Can't wait to have countertop installed...once we settle on a color, of course! And of course now that I've finished painting the walls in here, I can put the switchplates on...that'll look better, too.

I sanded the old original built-in cabinet today, too, so although Aaron was going to fix the door so it closed better, I think I'm not willing to wait--we need a place to put stuff when the movers get here! Besides, it has lots of character as it is. I LIKE it.

I bought a 3-step stepladder this morning, too, so maybe tomorrow I can get the bathroom walls sanded and ready to prime...and of course tomorrow the toilet and pedestal sink should be delivered, in the afternoon. Not installed yet, but delivered.

Baby steps.



I hadn't checked in for awhile, and wow have you been busy! I love these cabinets, and I understand your frustration, but I bet that it will all be worth it. What a great house.

Sending many good thoughts your way!
Thank you, Dena! It WILL be worth it, I know! I'm already very fond of it...

And hey, the sketchcrawl will be the 19th, unless something goes wrong (Joseph's mom's in the hospital again)--hope you can make it!


That will work well for me, but I understand how life does intervene. I am so sorry that she is in the hospital again. I will send even more good thoughts your way!

Thank you, Dena! I hope everything works out--I'm going to go ahead and announce it, provisionally anyway!
Wow, definite progress -- love it!
Thank you, me too! I am SO tired, but it's going to be worth it...