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September 2013



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rehab house progress

Library at a distance, originally uploaded by Cathy Johnson2007.

We are making progress on the rehab, though it is agonizingly slow at this point. Both my workmen have been a bit erratic, and since time is getting short, it's making me crazy. WHY don't people come when they say they will?? (Calling to tell me why not would be nice, too...I've spent an inordinate amount of time in the past 14 months trapped at home and waiting...never my long suit. When it doesn't pay off, I tend to get a tad cranky.)

My darling husband finally retired on Friday, and he'll BE here, God willing, in a little over a week! We'd planned to have more done and ready for the movers, but...if people don't come and work, not a lot happens. I squeeze in what I can, but making a living is still a necessity.

Sooooo...here's what I've accomplished lately. Yesterday I found the right size screw for the kitchen cabinet knobs, and sanded a few of the patches on the drywall, then primed the places in the kitchen that needed repair (I know, you're supposed to do that BEFORE painting the walls. One would think.)

We're short ONE hinge on the kitchen cabinets, and I've been to 5 places trying to find a match...no go, so far...anybody know where I can find one of these? http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/2618985111/ It's got a bit of an offset to accommodate the door, and it's bronze rather than black or faux copper. ONE short, siiigh.

I also ordered the new toilet (the old one is still leaking into the new underlayment, despite two replacement wax seals) and the pedestal sink, which will be delivered tomorrow afternoon--if THEY show up when they say they will. It's from Lowe's, so maybe a big company will be more likely to be here when they say they will...she said, hopefully!

(It will be SO nice when Joseph and I can go pick things out together! We always have such fun, and oh my will it ever be less cumbersome! Now, I go, take photos or scan stuff, put the graphics up on Flickr in the House Rescue 101 album, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/sets/72157602083833556/
then he takes a look, we discuss it, then I go back and deal with it.  Oh yeah, SO much easier when he's here...)

I found a very affordable kitchen sink week before last, under $50--just waiting on a counter to sink it into. It's not what we wanted--a single basin with a built-in drainboard--but then it didn't cost $500, either! Not even in the same universe. ;-) It'll work fine, Rubbermaid is still making drainers!

The kitchen floor is supposed to be done on the 9th. If so, it will be just finished when the movers arrive--nothing like cutting it close.

The library shelves are mostly done, which you can see above, and waiting for books--which I plan to start carrying over there--but the baseboard is still missing, lath is showing, and the drywall needs patching and repainting, which you can also see. That's gotta be done before we can use the lower shelves, anyway. (I've only mentioned it 3-4 times...)

So all in all, I've been scattered, frustrated, tense-bordering-on-wacko (OK, once or twice sailed right over the line without  looking back!), and have begun meditating again to keep a shred of sanity. Guess I needed that!  If I hadn't been trying to eat right and take better care of myself the past year, I don't know what I would have done...I'm SO not cut out to be a contractor...

I will be SO GLAD when Joseph is here and he can either do these things (he is a very handy man!) or deal with the frustrations, so I can get back to paying attention to my work a bit more...the book deadline is Out There, waiting...

Tick.  Tick.  Tick...

Of course I'll be glad he's here for some very much more pleasant reasons, too... ;-)


Yippee! Joseph retired and moving so very soon! Fingers crossed the loose ends will be tied up soon - house repair and redo, the end results are worth it but it is the living through it that wears me out.

(Coveting the fab bookcases!)
You both take care,
Thank you, Dee! We're both so excited that the day is almost here!

And yes, we WILL get through this, it's just not my favorite thing, waiting and being frustrated and disappointed when nothing happens! BOTH of them said they'd be here yesterday, neither one showed or called. I sat here and waited, rather than doing things I needed to. Sick of it.
Yes, I know it will. It just makes me sad--and yes, angry--when people you trust don't follow through with what they say they'll do and when, and don't let you know why NOT. It's like my time and my work have no value.
Yes, that IS a big part of it. The guys are really a lot alike, though...they "love" me, so I'll understand. I think I'm through with that.


Remodeling Hassles!

Hi Kate,

I totally agree with you on the pleasures??? of get a house remodeled. I had our bedroom/bathroom redone last year when my DH was paralized due to his rhuematoid arthritis. Dust EVERYHWERE! No calls, just show up or not. It really makes you work on your patience!

Your part is almost over (at least the majority) and you have done a wonderful job! I can see a little easy chair in that corner of the library with a little reading lamp to read the latest art book of choice!

I know you are looking forward to getting back to a "normal" routine!

Take care,
Crivitz, WI

Re: Remodeling Hassles!

Hi Nancy! Indeed I AM, I can't WAIT. I'd so much rather do things myself, if I can! I feel better now because I went over and did some sanding, installed all the cabinet knobs and some of the hardware, and repainted the places in the kitchen that had to be patched. At least I can see progress...



I love these house posts you do! I have to ask, since you pretty much gutted the house, did you take the opportunity to build in any secret compartments or hidden passages? I've always wanted to have something like that in my house, and I really think that if I did, it would make the house sell much, much faster when that time came. Everyone loves a little intrigue.

Pablo of Roundrock Journal

Re: secrets?

Hi Pablo! Hey, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it. :-)

There's one place I can't quite figure out--a small trap door that doesn't lead anywhere, above the bathroom, but that was already there...no room except for a little insulation!


It is really looking good, Miss Kate! The white walls have such a fresh look---I don't have a white wall in my house, so I forget how amazing they can be! I'm so sorry you're having trouble with workers showing up, but good for you for rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it!
You have a lot in common with the Little Red Hen, though I know you wish you didn't ; D.
Great job, sweetie!
Hi Miss Laura! Yes, we wanted to amplify the light as much as possible. That house is nearly a mirror image of this one, but for some reason was made with fewer windows--I've got two in my DR, it has one (in the room that's now the library); I have one on the west wall and THREE on the south, that one has one each; I've got two in my bedroom, that one's got one. So more wall space for bookshelves and paintings there, but less light.

It's actually "creamy ivory" so a very warm white...nice. Eventually we may change colors, but that was an easy starter that I happen to love! (The bathroom is Joseph's baby--it's going to be MUCH more colorful!)

And oh my, I hope it's not "the sky is falling" part that I have in common with the Hen--that's one of my favorite expressions to describe overreactions and doom-saying!

And thank you, you KNOW I appreciate your good wishes.