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September 2013



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They're right...

more cat pictures

I remember an old cartoon that showed a crazy cat lady (no, not me) surrounded by dozens of cats; the caption was "I just started with one. It was a small one. I thought I could quit any time..." ;-)


I love this one, which a friend posted recently:

more cat pictures
Oh, I'd forgotten that one! Yes, it's wonderful!



Kate, my emails not working so I thought Id write hear. Your work on you tube is wonderful. I admire your work so and would like to know if you could do a live your tube to show brush strokes folidge ect. If there were W.C videos of your work teaching us it would be so great/ I hope you willconcider doing this cause I would love to learn from you. Books are okay for me but when I see someone doing painting its easier for me to pick up Thank-you so.
Ps please reply hear.

Re: watercolor

Thank you, Linda! Glad you enjoy it!

I'm not ready for live stuff yet--my set-up's not good enough, and I'm not able to edit, yet. But someday! Thanks for asking!
Thanks for the giggle. Have a cheery weekend.
Thanks, you too!



Hi Kate! I am like Linda and 2nd her
requestfor a video, someday...It could
even be short ones like the ones
on You Tube by Henri Li of Blue Heron
Arts and by Yanghaiying, who does
Bamboo For Absolute Beginners.
In the meantime, I am feasting on
Ink & Wash and your watercolor
pencil, and watercolor CDs which
will absorb me for quite awhile.
These and your comments and work
on flickr are such a big help and
I do thank you.

Re: Someday--pleeeeeze?

Thanks, Annie! Someday, yep, that's my plan!


Kate, you must get the LOLcats emails, too! Some of those are just great. Very funny! Yes, we always start with just one kitten, don't we?? They are good company. :)

Leslie in Alabama
Leslie, I don't get the emails, I should sign up, eh??

thanks for the chuckle

Sometimes I feel like I could easily turn into one of those crazy cat ladies. I love this lol cat image! Perfect. I'm also really enjoying seeing the lovely work on the house. Those kitchen cabinets and built in bookcases are gorgeous. I know exactly what you mean about the workmen. Been there, done that, glad it's mostly over, though with houses it's always something I suppose.

Re: thanks for the chuckle

Isn't that a cute one??

Yep, really tired of having people in and out, and having to be here...the timing is SO off sometimes! I waited to go to the postoffice, etc., till midafternoon--voila', he came while I was gone. He just showed up 5 minutes ago (it's 6:15 pm) and we've talked for a couple of minutes...and his wife stops by to talk to him. WEIRD timing.

I've been working since about6:30 this morning, so I'm very ready NOT to deal with people! (I'll take what I can get though--PLEASE some progress!)