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September 2013



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Window dressing...

...but never let a cat offer suggestions on housekeeping issues!

Merlin loves sleeping here, as many of my animals have--I even added a bit of a shelf there so there's more room. But this morning he knocked down the curtain rod and the curtains with it, and it was the last straw. It was a sign! I'd been needing to wash those curtains for ages, and soon--VERY soon--I'll have a lovely husband living here with me. One who is a bit allergic to dust and dander.

So I figured it was meant to be. Nesting mode blossomed with a vengeance, and I went around taking down all the rest of the curtains and popping them in the washer--14 curtains and 2 valances. Only I forgot the ones on the front door so had to run another cycle. Only I forgot the ones Merlin had knocked onto the floor, and had to run another cycle.

Meanwhile I noticed how dirty the windows were, so I had to wash them all...

And of course there was all that dust...and cobwebs that needed taking down...

I put the curtains in the dryer, finally, meaning to get them out while they were still a little damp so much of the wrinkles would fall out--but the men were here putting up new gutters and I got distracted...

So the wrinkles dried in, HARD. So then all the curtains had to be sprinkled, then ironed...and put back up, climbing up on the bed and on the step-stool...

My ribs hurt!

Never, ever pay attention to housekeeping advice from a cat...



You made me guffaw and it's too early for guffawing! I can just see you running around, doing battle with dust, cobwebs, smeary windows, wrinkles, and all the while Merlin sleeps the blissful sleep of the wicked.
It's never too early for guffawing, unless you wake up the spousal unit! *G*

I have indeed been running around, though, Joseph's right--I'm nesting!
but he has such a happy smile on his face....

love the results of the crawl, btw. i'd love to se that "race" of water in person. you made it look so inviting!

Thanks, Miz Abby--it really IS inviting! I've painted or sketched it more than once, it's a magnet...
You're so cute when you're nesting... *G*
Shaddup. *G*
That was the cutest picture of the cat.... and I love the advice.. :)
He's a cute cat! But wore myself out acting on his snide comments...
they do make snide comments, don't they... personally, I am trying to figure out how many cats I can knit from the fur they are shedding... I have to sweep at least twice a day
OMIGOSH, I know! I brush mine as often as I think of it, but that's not often enough...