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September 2013



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Stormy Sunday--experimenting with mixed media

Stormy Sunday, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

As always, I'm enjoying painting on the spot, "en plein aire" as the French call it. I've just recently read Mairi Hedderwick's journals of her trips thorugh Scotland and was intrigued by her use of some obvious resist or masking tricks and had to test drive some!

I tried Stabilo's white marking pencils, which sounded PERFECT, with their waxy "lead," but although they're write ON things they don't work well for a resist.

I'd also ordered a good old white china marker, and that's what I was using in this quick, simple plein air sketch near the Missouri River. Using the marker rather energetically in the sky, then painting over it, gave me this vivid stormy effect--I like!

It's always great to find a new trick for the old tool kit, particularly since I am bringing my 20-year-old Watercolor Tricks & Techniques book from North Light into the 21st Century. A LOT of changes since then...


Miz Kate, do you think the white china marker or stabilo's white pencils will write on acrylic painted journal pages?
Yes, I do! I tested them on the varnished surface of my deck, and they did. Not a completely opaque white, but very obvious...


China Marker and watercolor pencils and crayons

I love those long sweeping lines you
made with it. It makes you just FEEL
the wind.

Re: China Marker and watercolor pencils and crayons

Thanks, Annie, that was what I was aiming for!
Hi Kate, I saw your message on EDM, and followed the links to your website and blog. I hope you don't mind if I add your journal. I am also a writer, artist and naturalist. On Becoming Lost... in particular sounds like the kind of book I would get along with.
Of course I don't mind, thank you and welcome aboard!

On Becoming Lost was my favorite, my first natural history book...thanks for the kind words!