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September 2013



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Sneak Preview of the new Ink & Wash CD

...which is almost ready to be mastered and ready to go!

This will be the CD art:

ink & wash workshop CD--more vivid

And here's a very short sneak preview slide show.

It's been fun, and a lot more work than I originally intended...of course complicated by the fact that I'm also doing a plein air workshop CD from my visits to the Shenandoahs in Virginia...I didn't realize I'd done so many different paintings there!



sneak preview

Weds, June 6, 2008 There's a long long
line of us, Kate, just waiting. Excited.

Re: sneak preview

I sure hope so, Annie! I want to do more!



do we order????? Can we order now!!!!!??? Lin


Not quite, girl! Susan is reading a couple of the PDFs for me, acting as copyeditor, and as soon as I make the corrections, I can make the CD master and send it off to CafePress, THEN however long they take. (I hope not as long as the WC Pencil one!)

I'll be sure and let you know, I did this one because of you, you know!


I want to get this one... it looks good. But then... so do the others!! Which one first... which one first...


Re: OOOh...

Thanks, Rachel! *G*
Heh. Me either! I need to make corrections to the supply list, but I apparently only saved it as a PDF, and I can't make changes. I SO don't want to do that all over again!


I know this sounds off the wall, but this brought tears to my eyes---it just overflows with generosity and intelligence and joy. You're an AMAZING teacher of technique and somehow this format shows that fact more strongly, even, than your wonderful books. I canNOT wait to have this in my fat (not really) little (not little, either) hands! Congratulations on another stunning achievement, dear Kate.
You sweet thing! Thank you!!

I'm really test-driving the slide show format...I'm still not able to do actual videos, and no idea why downloading the codex they say I needed didn't help, so for the time being this will have to do.

It's fun, anyway! This is the kind of thing I did when I spoke at the Sierra Club's first international Gathering in 2005, and it seemed to work there. Sierra Club's letting me turn that one into a CD, too! (In my copious spare time...<:-)


Your work!

Amazing amount of artwork CD's shirts and all......You are so productive! I was kind of sorry to see your flower reference CD that's something I've thought about doing myself with years of beautiful flower reference photos! Oh! googled and found several mord flower references, I guess one more wouldn't be too many. Wonderful body of work! Continued success. Thanks for taking time in what must be a very busy day to comment on my blog. (Draw your sink)

Re: Your work!

Maybe it's just that I'm a charter member of the Short Attention Span Theatre!

Yes, I wouldn't worry about the fact that I did the flower resource CD (and another one in the works)--there's always room for more, and you reach a different audience!

And your sink is gorgeous!


Love this sneak preview, can't wait for it to be released.
Thank you! It's just going off to be mastered today!


waiting for the CDs to get mastered

Well, to keep from twitching, any longer,
I have ordered your Art Resource and
Watercolor CDs to keep me occupied
until the new ones come out--I'll just
twitch some brushes in the meantime.

Re: waiting for the CDs to get mastered

Thank you, Annie, you're a doll! Twitching brushes is a GOOD thing...
Awesome! Thanks for the preview!
You're welcome! I enjoy doing these, a lot.