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September 2013



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Shenadoah slideshow CD cover--finis!

I've been busily getting a couple of new slideshow CDs ready to send off to be mastered, and it's been SO much fun...and so frustrating, but that's a software issue. >;-(

I hope to have these up soon on my CafePress site and on my own website, and I'll be sure to announce when that happens.

This one includes two different complete step by step progressions on two different paintings, plus a variety of others done plein air in Virginia...what a range of inspirations the Shenandoahs offer! There are also PDF files included on each CD, with articles, exercises, inspirations and more.

I'll be doing more of this sort of thing in the future. Some of them will have a bonus freebie slideshow, as a "value-added" extra--the ones I've done for YouTube, since some people prefer not to open things on the 'net, or it's too slow for them. It's always MUCH faster on your own computer!

So finishing up these two and then diving back into the new book for North Light...it's been just a tad busy lately!



Congratulations, Cathy. You do beautiful work, and I look forward to getting this CD.

Sherry Thurner, WI
Thank you, Sherry! I enjoy learning new technologies (sort of!) and seeing what I can do with them to offer more useful stuff, so I'm having fun with this.


instructional CDs

I just lost my post to you,Kate, so
here goes, again.
Exciting news about the Shenandoah
CD and also about the INK & WASH
one that you are working on.
I wrote you an email , last week,
asking a lot of resource questions.
I think these CDs-- as well as your
Resource ones-- should answer them all.
I study your flickr site, daily, and
learn so much there and on your blog.
Thank you for them.

Annie Fortenberry

Re: instructional CDs

Hi Annie, and thank you for your kind words! I don't know that the CDs answer ALL questions, but I do try to think what my students want to know, and answer those.



Well, so far, Kate, what I have
seen here and on flickr answers
most that I have right now.

Re: CD

Oh, good, Annie, I feel better! I've been having software problems trying to get these two finished and in the works, and haven't had much time for other things...


Looks so fantastic!! It really turned out beautifully, don't you think? Can't wait to get my my very own!
Thank you, sweet thing! Can't wait to FINISH it and get it OUT there!

XOXO right back!

Edited at 2008-06-03 06:52 pm (UTC)


CDs and flickr

Well, Kate, while we wait we can
do re-runs of flickr. I learn
something every time I replay
them. I am especially in love
with that moody one you did
of Cooley Pond--and in w.c.
pencils, of all things! Then
one called rainycountry. I have 27
saved on my bookmarks to study
until those CDs come out.

Re: CDs and flickr

Annie, how sweet! I'm glad you enjoy the Flickr stuff...