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September 2013



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Starving Artist in the kitchen--onion pie, sans onions

onion pie, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Amazing what you can throw together from what's in the refrigerator...

This was luscious, though I was out of milk and onions...yogurt worked fine and gave it a nice tang, and a T. of dried onions gave it a bit of onion flavor, with my fresh chives and a little wild garlic.

If you click on the image, you should be able to read the recipe, such as it was...and that would be "slices" of bacon, not "sliced"...

Mark, who is working on our rehab project, has brought me mountains of wonderful fresh spinach, and his wife brought me more farm fresh eggs, so I've been playing with all sorts of ways to utilize them...

Spinach salad, with hard boiled eggs
Spinach IN a salad
Hot, wilted spinach
Spinach as greens, with butter and vinegar
Quiche with spinach
Smoked sausage and onions with chopped spinach folded in

And of course this, the nearly-onionless-onion pie. Crustless, too, since I don't need the extra calories, wheat isn't on my Paleo diet, and that would have required a trip to the store, too. ;-)

And shhhh, I know yogurt isn't considered Paleo either, but one does tweak a bit...


Sublime Pie

What a absolutely YUMMY post, Kate. Not just the thought of the taste but the delicious application of watercolour. Love it.

Re: Sublime Pie

Thank you! I mean to do this more often, paint the dinner, but seldom seem to take the time.

And it certainly is luscious...makes a nice breakfast, cold, too...


This is gorgeous Cathy! It is evoking big swallows here in front of the screen!
Thanks, Ronell! I really do enjoy experimental cooking--hardly ever use a recipe, just imagine what would taste good together. The beer in this was really nice! I was going to use a little white wine, but decided it was going to be rather hearty, and beer would go better. I'll bet hard cider would, too...


Beautiful colors and it looks delicious!
Thank you! It was...


Mm- some great suggestions, and they're all low carb. I love the illustration!
Yep, Miss Casey, I tend to try to keep the carbs as low as I can...but I WILL admit the quiches had crusts and they were mahvelous...

Mark's bringing MORE spinach today, so I'll have to think of more possibilities...spinach soup...spinach souffle...spinach ice cream...

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Oh my word, I could eat that sketch, it's SO beautiful! Miss Kate, your work is exquisite ALL the time, but frequently, as now, it just takes my breath away. This simply glows---and LOOK at that amazing shadow!!
I do love to push those shadows, sweet Laura, as you may have noticed. Thank you!!


You lucky girl!!!

Hi Kate,

Spinach is one of the top heath foods there are..loaded with vitamins and antioccidents, helps increase blood flow. It's amazing! Try a spinach salad with hard boiled eggs chopped up with your favorite dressing or other veggies. Substitute for lettuce in sandwiches. If you have too much that you can't eat....blanch it and freeze for later use. There are PLENTY of recipes that call for frozen spinach (like hot artichoke dip) Also, I have a recipe from Veggie Times mag to DIE FOR!! It's called Vegetable Wellington..and you have veggies incased in puff pastry. Very special! I will email it to you.


Re: You lucky girl!!!

I know, I'm delighted to have the freebies from my buddy, Nancy--must have been another 4 lbs of it today, once I picked it all off the stems. Thanks much for the recipe, it does look wonderful!

I think you do need to watch getting too much oxalic acid, but I'm not there yet!
LOL! There's already been one, and though they're lovely to test, they are dead boring to write--at least that was my experience. (It was the Wild Foods Cookbook, SUCH an imaginative name!)
Pen and inks incidental illustrations with watercolor and ink chapter openers, yep. That part was fun, too...I just don't like standardizing recipes. It's like the travel books I've written with my old friend Patti Delano--they have to fit a formula, too.