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September 2013



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Life is too short...

Sarah--the look of love

I did this acrylic for Joseph a few years ago, of his beloved and devoted dog, Sarah--it was my privilege to get to know her, too, for far too short a time.  She was a loving, beautiful creature, with the kind of unconditional love only an animal can give.  Her quizzical looks, her alert, expectant eyes, her protectiveness, her joyful "welcome HOME!" and healing presence--she will be more than missed.  There is a hole in both our lives, but my husband was truly her joy.  I am crying for both of them.



Wow. Stunning!
Thank you, Casey, I was pleased with how it turned out. I've sketched her many times, but a painting is different.
I am so sorry Kate, for you and your husband.

*Sends love.*
Thank you, sweet Layde.


What a dear soul Sarah was! This loving portrait is a perfect memento of, and tribute to, her sweet self.
Sending hugs to you both,
Thank you, sweet Laura. She was dear indeed, the quintessential loving canine.
Oh, no! Sorry... Hugs to you both!
It's hard to imagine Joseph without her--she's been around just longer than I have...

I'll miss her so much, and I know he's going to have a terribly hard time with it. Thanks, girl...
I'm sorry for both of you for the loss of lovely Sarah. The portrait is magnificent. ((((Hugs))))
Wasn't she beautiful? Those eyes could just rivet you in place, and get you to do anything she wanted...gladly!
i find it particularly tender that one favorite lady got to paint such a lovely picture of the other, and that you both love him so. you can't second guess the love of a pooch. my guess is that she loved you as well--testament to the person you are!

condolences, and memories of "puppy love"...
Bless you, sweet thing, I saw your post on Joseph's Live Journal. Yes, we adore the man, and he's worth it.

She DID seem fond of me, and I'm very grateful for that, and much humbled. She widened the circle to let me in, and she could have resented "another woman" in his life, and a stranger to boot. We got along famously. I loved it when she came around to my side of the bed and looked at me as if to say "um, would you come take care of me? I don't wanna bother Dad."

So of course I did.

Thank you, girl, I'm really going to miss Sarah. She was a huge part of our lives.
Thank you, girl...I was inspired by a lovely animal, and by the love she had for my husband.
*hugs* you both.
Thank you, Natalie. We're really missing her!
I'm so sorry for your sad, sad loss. Life is too short. (I wrote Joseph on his LJ.)

You really captured her spirit and soul in the painting, such a marvelous creature and it shows. Hugs to you both.

Take care,
Thank you, Dee, and thank you for writing him, as well. I hadn't looked at the painting for a while, but yes, that was her look.

so sorry

I'm so sorry for the loss of this fine proud and loving companion. Your portrait of her is exquisite and the finest portrait of a dog I've ever seen. The way you captured each of those precious details, from the little bulges in her cheek, the tilt of her ear, listening for her master's word, the wonderful tilt of her nose and the fine hairs on her face. How can you not fall in love with this sweet pooch. Looking into her eyes and knowing she's gone now just breaks my heart. My prayers are with you both.

Re: so sorry

Jana, thank you so much. You are such a kind and empathic soul...and I'm more than flattered. I guess the love shows through, not only hers for her master, but mine for him, as well.

Little compares to the unfailing love from man (and woman's) best friend. And of course you captured it.
I'm glad I did that for him, several years ago...not sure I COULD, now...