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September 2013



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Another video slide show on YouTube

Backroads Artist 2 video title page

I did this one shortly before my trip to Virginia, but looks like I forgot to mention it!  It's another slide show, this one without music, to see if that adds or detracts from the demo...

Feedback is welcome, as always...you can even comment or give it a rating, right on the YouTube site, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfAO6OCqrUo

I'm working on a couple now on super-simple sketchbook binding, accordion style...unfortunately, of course, my new one was lost with my suitcase, as I mentioned before, so I don't have any new work in it to show...

And still trying to figure out what's up with the video editing codec that didn't help when I downloaded it, siiigh...

I've been talking to dear friends Paul Clark and Dana Dietrich at Serious Vanity Music Group--some really great music here, and it would be wonderful to get a piece licensed to me for use in the videos--if I'm going to do serious, professional work, I need to make sure to go through channels properly, and do it right!  Dana and Paul are both incredibly talented young people--they'll knock your socks off!  Check out Dana's blog at http://www.retributiongirl.com/ and click on the music in "The Jukebox of Love."  #8 is my current fave...

Or look at their updated site, at www.seriousvanity.com--WAY talented...


FABULOUS video! I love-love-LOVE how much you share in it, and how gorgeous the art is. Absolutely breathtaking!

One small note and one question:

1. Make your own URL/s more obvious at the end of the video, so they know exactly where to find out more about your art and products.

2. What software are you using for this kind of show?

I'm going to link to your video. It is SO good!
Thanks for the suggestion, Ais, I'll do that! (I didn't even think to include it on the first one, I don't think...)

I'm using Windows Movie Maker, that came with my computer. There may be better and more sophisticated stuff out there, and I'm sure there IS, but I'm just experimenting right now.

And as always, thank you for your wonderful, supportive attitude!
YOU ARE TOO SWEET!! And music is a-coming! I'm having the boy help me pick stuff for you to hear this weekend! :)
Cool, thanks! And girl, you deserve all good things, you're incredibly talented!

Edited at 2008-05-17 10:22 pm (UTC)


Dear Kate! I was so moved by your generosity in making this video---but then I often am! I thought it was so well done and just full of great hints and tips. I tried to leave a comment there, but not sure it went through. Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful.
Thank you sweetie! You know I can't resist playing with new technology...and I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on more, of course...
And fooey, no, the comment on YouTube didn't take, sorry...I've had trouble with that myself a few times. But thank you so much for the comment here!