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September 2013



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Planning changes on the rehab project...edited!

porch steps, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...I wanted to show my godson what I'd like for the new porch steps, so did this little painting in my journal...of course, that's my sweet Joseph going up the stairs, with the lovely Sarah in the background...

We've been working on this for just over a full year now, and it finally feels like we might get done, someday! Here's the latest in the rehab pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9506220@N08/ You can see, we're actually PAINTING now!

The old back porch and rotting bathroom are gone now, too, and we'll be having the new one rebuilt this week--porch, that is, not bathroom...

This is exciting!


i love the progress. i see it at dad's place, too--signs of new life, promise of more to come!

keep showing us. this is so good!
Oh, I'm so glad you're seeing the positive changes at your dad's house, too...wonderful that the kids will be bringing new vitality there.

I'll be really, really glad to get finished with the have-to stuff, but we'll be tweaking for a while just for fun, I'll bet!
That is exciting :) I do love reading about the progress.

Kate, writing from Joseph's computer...

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I LOVE seeing the progress!


There's always such a fresh, clean feel to your sketches. I don't know if it's your way of using pure colors or your sunny disposition shining through! I'll bet you're glad to see this project coming to an end!
Somehow I don't think it's my disposition...*GG* And YES, I'll be delighted!
BTW, that link is to your second video and not the rehab pictures...

Oh fooey! Guess I'll have to tweak that!
Thank you, Miss Vicky! It really is going to be nice...we're almost to the fun stage, now...