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September 2013



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Life is odd...

More Debris, originally uploaded by Cathy Johnson2007.

...I had a visit from my town's Code Enforcement Officer the other day. With all the mess we've had around here for the last year of rehabbing next door, plus my falling-down fence (now in the process of replacing) and other eyesores, I had been expecting that, almost. I once got a citation because my wildflower yard (which seeds had been given to me by the City Manager) exceeded 18" in height. (Yes, interdepartmental communication WOULD be nice...) You can see Mark at work, yesterday, beginning some serious cleanup...

But what do you think I got a warning for, this time? The junk pile Mark is hauling off? The fence mess? The house next door in sore need of paint?

No. My Jeep was parked with its tires just over on the grass of the parkward. (Which I am responsible for mowing, I might add...) Fine, so now I'm parked well out in the street...I make a lovely target...

Well, we ARE thinking of putting in an off-street driveway, in the lot next door.

Want to hear something ELSE weird? City ordinance, last I heard, called for concrete or blacktop, and forbade gravel. In a flood town. Where you don't WANT more runoff...

Sometimes you just sit and shake your head in amazement...


Thank goodness we have no zoning. I'm sure if there were regulations, they'd just love the garden in my front yard!
That DID happen to me when I lived in the City! There was also a homeowners' association that didn't like my dandelions...
I'm thinking you could make an interesting 2 or 3 minute presentation to your City Council.
LOL! I've been tempted, in the past!

They also made a street at the end of mine one way, meaning the only way I can get downtown is up the icy dangerous hill and a big loop, or an illegal U-turn in the middle of my street. It wasn't TOO bad, because I could also back down a couple of car lengths and take an alley instead.

Till they made the ALLEY one way, too...the same direction as the street, pointing away from downtown, not toward it. Sheesh...
I'm hoping we can prove that it had a pre-existing gravel drive back there... *G*
Well, oddly enough when I told him I didn't much like parking on the street, he did say "well, you own that house next door, don't you?" So I'm assuming he meant it would be OK to park there?? (Too bloody far for an old girl with arthritis to park and unload groceries, let me tell you! Which, of course, is what I told him!)
concrete pavers? with herbs or grass between? probably not permitted. :-)
Probably not. It's not uniform. Not that anything ELSE in this crazy old patchwork of a neighborhood is! My neighbor just up the street has a derelict car parked in his yard, and has for over a year, and he parks his usable one on his yard which is now mud. But that's OK?!?!


city ordinances

Down here in Overland Park there was even an ordinance for a while that made it illegal to work on your car in your own driveway! It was eventually repealed, but gravel driveways are still forbidden.

Pablo of Roundrock Journal

Re: city ordinances

Hey, Pablo! Good to hear from you.

Omigosh, that's crazy...now I can understand why they wouldn't want one up on blocks for weeks, or your engine pulled out and hanging from your ornamental fruit tree, but just working on it?!?
Wow, that does sound crazy...especially when your wildflowers were too tall! That's hysterical.
It WAS pretty funny!



Does not surprise me at all. A man next door to me, had three non running cars. He never got ticket, no one ever told him to move them. My broke down and I got a notice a non running car could be hauled off without warning. I had to show them the paper work and post it on the windshield the date for it to go into the shop for repairs.
I complained about the man next door.- Oh, that was different.

Why? No answer.

Sherrie Roberts

Re: Warnings

Weird, eh???


Ah bureaucrats, they just don't think outside the box. But hey, that's alright since we pay 'em to be that way.

Dr. M.
LOL! You got it, kiddo...