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September 2013



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Another, longer slide show, on plein air...

And this one actually has music...and some captions I couldn't fix... >:-{

--if I put the title before or after a graphic, I can delete, move, or edit it just fine, but if I superimpose it on an image and then add a new piece in front? The text stays where it was in the sequence of the whole slide show, and not on the art you put it on! And I can't seem to find how to change or delete them, they're like ghosts! (Someone told me to click on the + on the offending image...there isn't one. And no place to see "edit caption" either...)

It's hard to find music you like, that's the right length, and that's a free download! I think this works, though...it's from Celtic Shores 2, pretty and not too distracting. I had to use two separate pieces, because the ones that would have been long enough weren't free downloads...

...so not exactly seamless, here, but I'm learning a lot! Maybe you CAN teach old dogs new...well, you know.

If it's easier, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-qUmsSBHXs

I'd love to be able to edit video clips, but so far I've downloaded the necessary codec and it still doesn't work...



Great "collage", Kate! And very nice music touch - goes well with the imagery :) I think you'll get lots of requests to make movies for your classes now - and not only classes - but tips and tricks too :)

Re: Wow!

Thanks, Nina! And yep, you guys have been asking for videos or similar for ages now! Gotta figure out details...and get better at it!

What most people really want to see is a true video of a technique, in motion, I think! That's the tough part, till I figure out the codec thing. I'm just not up for putting up a shaky, hard to see, amateur video...so, the slide show trick works fine for me right now.

With tweaks. ;-)


I love the sketches, love the progression of images, love what you're teaching, even like the music on its own, but I dislike compulsory music. There are some art blogs in which I like the work, but can't stand the intrusion of music that accompanies them and I will NOT look at those blogs for one second longer than it takes to close the window on them. This is not exactly the same, but I (for one) would prefer not to have the music piping away in the background. Your work is so compelling, it doesn't need tunes to make it happen. When I listen to music, I listen to music. When I look at artwork, I look at artwork. I'm probably in the minority here, but it wouldn't be the first time ;D.
Hope it's OK to be so blunt.
Thanks, Miss Laura, of COURSE I appreciate your feedback! Truthfully there are a lot of blogs like that for me too. But happily, on YouTube you can turn the sound off.*G*


You can turn the sound off on blogs, too, of course, but there's something about the intrusiveness of built-in music that rankles me. Call me cranky (it won't be the first time!;D.) One of the things I value most about your work is the aesthetic rigor of it and the way it stands, in such superiority, on its own merits. However, I know I'm a lone voice, and therefore infinitely ignorable. You know so much more about marketing than I do.
Dearest Miss Cranky...*GG* I didn't know you could turn sound off on blogs! (Other than muting ALL sound on your computer.)

Doggone, aesthetic rigor! That sounds GOOD.

Dear heart, I will NEVER ignore you. I take your opinion very seriously. I'm experimenting, right now. I hope to be able to upload actual videos, hopefully decently shot and not like some YouTube offerings, and edit them in something like Windows Movie Maker, adding captions or cutting out the bad bits--I get jerky at the end, if I'm doing hand-held.

What I find interesting is that most people who have commented mention the music, and how much they like it, or their kids do. Some of them mention the music and nothing else! Not quite what I was aiming for... *rg* So maybe NOT a good marketing decision!?

I'll have to ponder before doing another one...right now I'm just playing with technology.

There's an option to narrate the slide show, too, I just haven't figured that out yet...and like most people, I'm not wild about my recorded voice.:-)
Besides, if I were ANY kind of marketer worth my salt, I would have remembered to mention I'm the author of the new North Light book, Creating Nature in Watercolor; an Artist's Guide, now wouldn't I! <;-{

Video--love it!!!

This is great!!!! I'm so glad to see you exploring the video option! Way to go!!!---Carol C.

Re: Video--love it!!!

Thanks, Carol! Someone told me about Windows Movie Maker a few days ago and I went nuts...

It's fun!

Re: Video--love it!!!

Don't you have a book to write? Tick, tick, tick... ;^)

Re: Video--love it!!!

Hush. :-)))

Hey, I got the flat plan done yesterday! Just have to get copies and send off...and I still don't actually have a signed contract in hand...
Sheer magic! And looks very familiar - after seeing it on flickr, sure :)
Was it Irish music or something from South America?
Thank you! And it's Irish...pretty, isn't it?
Yes, you can call me the biggest fan of Irish music.
Can you remember the name of this band? I'll download it to my ipod :)
oh, ok, don't bother - I've found it in your credits :)
Oh good! I hope you enjoy them, it's the Celtic Shores 2 album...there were a couple of longer songs that weren't available for download, I'm thinking I may need to buy the album!
I'm already enjoying it! Beautiful music, thank you, Kate :)
I loved this!

Just so that you know, I am a fast reader but cannot read the frames that have more than one short sentence before they fade...


Nice slideshow! Nice to see how you work and the simple altoid box and limited pallet. Thanks for your comment on my "cat Sneakers" little sketch. I put all my cat pictures ( there are allot, we had 17 a few years back before the spay and neuter project) in a folder for future use!
Continued success!
I won't even TELL you how many we had when we lived on our little farm...people dump cats in the country, and I have such a soft heart...

I'll look forward to seeing your pictures!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the slide show, thanks for the kind words.