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September 2013



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On my short list for sainthood...

...is whoever invented Ibuprofen!

I've been doing lots of organizing and cleaning and throwing away the last week or so. I'm not much of a housekeeper, I'm usually entirely too busy, and I do tend to hoard (hey, you never know when you might NEED that whatever-it-is, and besides as a freelancer I'm always aware that #1, the money can stop at any time, #2, I might make something out of that that I could sell, and #3, I just KNOW that would be really cool in a collage if I ever get back to making collages...

But my sweet mother-in-law makes me look like a piker in the hoarding department. That amazing, strong woman grew up in an orphanage, which may have something to do with it, and I'm not sure she's thrown out ANYTHING that can be of use in 57 years of marriage and 50 of living in the same house. (That is, unless kateslover has instigated one of his cleanups! He is GREAT at that...)

One of the jobs we did while we were there--pretty much whenever we weren't at the hospital--was to find, organize, clean, pass along or throw out a small mountain of stuff. More free address labels than anyone could use in a lifetime, long expired food in the fridge, piles of religious medals and cards taken to her church (at her request) and great masses of stuff just tossed--also at her request.

It inspired me, let me tell you. I've been doing likewise since I've been back--in the house, in the shed, even in my Jeep. No wonder my back hurts like crazy, but I'm beginning to discover flat surfaces I forgot I had...

Of course part of this is in preparation for Joseph's move here--I'd like for him not to have to deal with too much of this dreck here, too. It's also nice to have my art supplies in better order...I found a whole bin of sketchbooks and watercolor blocks I'd forgotten I had (and ordered more, siiiigh, since I couldn't find these!)

I swear the faeries hide things on me, too! When I was working on the painting below and the new article for Watercolor Artist on Natural Pigments' mineral paints, I really wanted to find my cache of Daniel Smith Primateks for comparison. They were NOWHERE in this house. I was sure I had passed them along to my brother in law, prizewinning Nevada artist Richard Busey, since he enjoys experimenting, too.

Cloudy Day, plein air

So weeks too late, what should show up yesterday right where I had looked at least twice already? You guessed it, the Primateks.

So today, after my next round of work and cleanup, I experiment! Right after the Ibuprofen take effect...


Excellent timing, Kate, as I can suffer right along with you... ad have been taking ibuprofen for a couple of days althoug i don't like to normally. Hope your back feels better soon. And I can totally relate to the packrat thing... ;-) Glad you found those Primateks...
All this reminds me, I haven't posted here in forever. Need to do that this afternoon.
Does misery REALLY love company? ;-P

I'm glad too, I HATE losing things I thought I had. And it's partly because of my packrat messes--and my cats!--that it happens. If I make a nice neat pile they're sure to push it off onto the floor...
as an archaeologist, I hit the shower and the ibuprofen immediately after leaving the field for the day. vitamin I the wonder drug..... LOL
Oh, man, I'll bet so! Archaeology is hard work!
I'm not 100% sure (it might be acetaminophen), but I think ibuprofen is derived from the same plant source as latex.

But yes. Ibuprofen is a savior to me as well.
Yummy. *G*

I hate taking something every day, but right now it seems to be necessary!
I once told my doc that I tried not to take painkillers every day. His response was, in effect, that if you have inflammation, then reducing that inflammation will promote healing. The pain is a side effect of inflammation-- reduce the inflammation, improve circulation and overall health in the area, and voila-- faster healing.

This makes me feel better about taking something daily if I have a period of time when something hurts every day. Getting rid of the pain will do less harm than trying to tough it out.
You know, now that you mention it, I remember hearing that too! It was after my surgery a couple of years ago. Hooray, I'm gonna go take drugs!