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September 2013



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Tryst Falls Sunday

Tryst Falls Sunday, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

The nice thing about being an artist instead of a photographer was that I was able to edit all the people right out of my image, along with the cars passing over the bridge. Looks serene and peaceful, doesn't it?

It was far too populous for really relaxing painting, but I should have known! The first nice day for a week or so (there was snow here twice while I was in California, and rain every day but one), on a Sunday afternoon. Who could blame people for wanting to be out?? Particularly where there's such a lovely place as this. There was one grandfather with his (at LEAST) 6 grandchildren, and there was no way he could keep up with all of them. I ended up keeping one eye on one of the little boys who kept going off on his own to explore.

Just to the right of these streamside boulders there's a little grotto formed when a larger flow of water apparently came from a different direction and hollowed it out--it's a lovely little green bowl of a natural amphitheatre, surrounded by limestone bluffs. The grass has already greened up there, and it's dotted with trees and picnic tables...people have been congregating here for 100 years and more. (Hence the name, "Tryst Falls.")  I wish I could have found more on the history of the place; it's near the Jesse James Farm, and I know there was a grist mill here once upon a time; you can still see the grooves where the foundation was carved out of the rock.

Too bad I was too much of a curmudgeon to enjoy it! I had a good time painting a bit later in my Jeep, though, sitting beside a country road with no more to capture my attention than a line of bare trees against a field of spring green, with a lone buzzard kiting overhead. Just too darn tired, still, to relish interaction with other humans--I was glad I'd chosen to ditch at least three considerably more sociable events because I needed the time in nature.   It helps...

Watkins Roadside

I do wish my lovely husband could have been there, though...he needs it worse than I do.



I just love the strong simplicity of this. I've been trying to do too much at once in my paintings lately. I so wish you were there to yell at me to quit it!!!
I keep aiming for simplicity too, Miss Laura...it helped that it was late in the day and I was tired and in a hurry. *G*

Harris used to perform that function for me, by the way. "Quit before you **** it up!" Maybe I still hear that in my head...