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September 2013



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"Hidden Falls, Poconos"--on author/artist Bet Borgeson's webpage, along with a review of my book!

Bet put a demo from the book in her wonderful Mighty Art Demos and Tutorials section, too, with North Light's blessing of course...and if you haven't visited her site before, you'll be glad you did, there are all KINDS of demos and tutorials there.

Here's what she wrote me yesterday:

"We posted a review of Creating Nature in Watercolor on our website, Mighty Art Demos and Tutorials. At the end of the review we selected your beautiful and skillful demonstration of Hidden Falls, Poconos to reproduce (with permission of the publisher) in order to highlight the quality of your book.

We're delighted and proud to have it in our new directory of selected
demonstrations and tutorials! To see your review and demonstration please go to our opening page


and follow your link at the bottom of the review. On your demonstration page you will also see that we have included a link to your website. When the month-long exposure on our opening page is over your review will then appear on our previous book reviews page so it will have a continuous life."

How cool is that?! I'm just delighted (and blushing!)...I've always marveled at Bet's colored pencil work, and of course have had her first book for years...

This was one of my favorite paintings done for the book...Joseph had dropped me off at the little stream to paint, and I just kept being intrigued by the sound of rushing water and following the stream deeper into the forest. Finally, I found this lovely, tiny falls hidden in the primal green woods, and knew that's what I had to try, complexity and all.

There wasn't time to do much more than get a good start--I'd known there wouldn't be--so I did quick sketches for format, composition, and value before I started, then shot resource photos that would allow me to finish.  That's what's on Bet's Demo page...

I'm so glad this one got into the book. What wonderful memories of that trip with my sweet Joseph, who treated me like a queen.

The book's available on Amazon or on my own website, at http://cathyjohnson.info, in the catalog department...


dang--was it near watkin's glen? i have a photo of us in a stream that looks suspiciously like that from one of our trips back east to see hubby's family...

it is gorgeous. i can smell the moss and water, just looking at it!
Thanks girl! You know, I'll have to ask Joseph...it was in Paradise Park, I think that's the name anyway...
Beautiful painting, Kate!
Off to look at that web site, sounds promising...
I've browsed through there before, LOTS of great stuff! And thank you, Muriel!
Really beautiful artwork, Kate!!
Thank you, sweetie! Hope you're doing ok...
I *love* this! Do you have a larger scan of it that I can use for my desktop wallpaper on the computer (if that would be okay)?
Natalie, if you click on the image it will take you to the Flickr version, which has all sizes. Sure it's ok, on our personal wallpaper! My work is protected by copyright for other uses, but I'm flattered that you'd want to see it often...
That's what I did but the original was still not very big:
"Original (800 x 581)"
My desktop is usually 1024 x 768 (a size that many people use, the smallest these days being 800 x 600) or, now I have a bigger monitor, 1600 x 1024!


Nature book

Kate, Just got your book on nature drawing ect and its wonderful Thank-you so for this. All I need now is a teaching DVD with you showing us how to paint like you do folidge brushstrokes ect.
For thos who have not been able to see you work live.
Thanks, Lc

Re: Nature book

Don't know if I'm ready for DVDs yet! Can't afford to produce one...but thank you for the lovely compliment!


I love it!

I think this is my favorite painting of yours. Do you think you will ever make this available as a print--I'd love to buy one if you do. The effect of the dappled light on the rocks, the water, and throughout the scene is so perfect. Your technical mastery, understanding of light, and knowledge and love of nature shine through this one.

Re: I love it!

Thank you! I hadn't actually thought of making it a print, but I may someday...I wish I had a good color printer.

That was a truly beautiful spot...I didn't want to leave!


This is so beautifully done it takes my breath away. And I loved the demo. You are just amazing. I've said it before and I'll certainly say it again.
PS I'm concerned that we haven't heard from you in a while. Is everything OK, sweetie?
Thank you, Miss Laura, you're a doll...
Hello! I found your LiveJournal via the link on Flickr. I recently started taking a watercolor class (in the Bay Area of California), and based on the sorts of things I like to draw and paint, my instructor recommended that I look up your books. It was a nice surprise to find you not only on Flickr, but also here at LJ (two sites I love, and use almost daily).

Just want to say that, from what I've seen so far, I love your artwork, and I've looked through a couple of your books (which I checked out from the library) and think they're excellent. "Drawing and Painting Animals," and "Drawing and Painting From Nature," in particular. (I intend to get my own copy of the nature book sometime soon). Do you mind if I friend your LJ? I'd love to see the artwork you post here. I'm looking forward to trying out more of your techiques, too. I'm just a beginner in watercolor, and need all the help I can get. :D
Oh, I've noticed your work, too! I'm glad you're enjoying the books and my Flickr site, and of course, you're welcome to friend me, glad to have you aboard.