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September 2013



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Life falls into place so beautifully...

...sometimes, anyway.

Close to 20 years ago, I got interested in reenacting as a hobby, and in combining what I do, what I AM, with what I wanted to demonstrate, at events. It's what I know the most about, what I'm most comfortable doing, what I can do, quietly, that doesn't really require being "on"--people enjoy watching me work, but often they don't expect me to pontificate. This is a GOOD thing, because I'm not a pontificator!

I'm an artist--had you guessed? So my main interest has been the artists of our past, as well as those of today...so much so that the first book I published for my little company was called Living History, Drawing on the Past, which included historic artists' supplies, materials, watercolor boxes, and an appendix that covered pigments available historically, from cave artists through much of the 19th Century.

You can see it here: http://www.amazon.com/Living-History-Drawing-Cathy-Johnson/dp/0963815822/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1207267340&sr=8-1
Or here:
http://www.cathyjohnson.info/bookpages/history.html --it's been in print continuously since 1994 and is in its 6th printing.

Recently, Watercolor Artist magazine--formerly Watercolor Magic, where I was a contributing editor almost since their first issue--asked if I'd be interested in testing and reviewing pigments from Natural Pigments, http://naturalpigments.com/ --their new Cozens Travel Palette. Oh my, WOULD !? Given my history and my past interest, I couldn't say yes fast enough!

So this week has been taken up largely with doing pigment tests of various kinds, as well as getting out and PAINTING, using these historic pigments. This sketch was done while putting a fortune in gasoline in my Jeep, but I did 4 or 5 others that will go with the article, along with the various pigment tests...

The research for the article has been fascinating. George O'Hanlon, the technical director for Natural Pigments, filled me in on a great deal that the company has been doing, as well as putting me in touch with the gentleman at the National Gallery in Washington DC who is working to collect artists' pigments and supplies, and the president of the Paintbox Society in England. Wheels withing wheels...

Can't wait to learn more...I'm as happy as a cat in the creamery!

And they PAY me for this??? Life is good.


so, my able and informed friend--how do they seem to shape up against daniel smith's?? i have some of theirs, but have not had the opportunity to play with them as yet.

tell me, tell me, do!!!
I'll have to hold my comments until I get the new DS Primateks I'm expecting! I bought them early on, and really wasn't all that impressed with them, but I kept hearing people say how much they loved them. One of my student buddies said their tech people told her they'd changed the formula, so I called and asked! Yep, supposed to be lots easier to lift a wash with, so I'll be trying them again.

I liked some colors, but was disappointed in others...and with these, the Vivianite was difficult to lift, too. Must be part and parcel of Vivianite!

Life's one big experiment, isn't it? *GG*