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September 2013



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Happy Easter, all...

...I had a post started last week with these paintings, but my internet connection crashed, taking the post with it. So here I am again, realizing what better day to celebrate love and family than Easter Sunday?

I adore my family. I've been incredibly blessed, from my 85-year-old in-laws to 1-year-old Finn. My husband, my sister and her family, my cousin and his wife and my godchildren...they're infinitely precious to me.

We ARE a large bunch, so we tend to group birthdays so we can celebrate as many as possible with our busy schedules. This month, it was Rachel and Aaron's birthday, and I wanted to do something special for them.

It's a tough time in the family, with serious health issues, and these two dear, generous people decided they would prefer we take what we would have spent on their birthday presents and give it toward health care, medicine and nutritional supplements for their sister. It was incredibly touching as she realized what was happening, and how much we all love her...

Rachel's Birthday Montage just fell together...a little minor tweaking and I was fairly happy with the result--newborn Finn with mom and dad, 9 month old, and now the year -and-3-months "outdoorsman" who kept us all in stitches, pointing outside and then at himself--ME, OUT THERE!

New life...and mama Rachel loved her 9 x 12 "birthday card."

Aaron's montage was harder--it was first, and my materials fought me a bit, but mostly I just could NOT get his face quite right. I've discovered how difficult it is sometimes, painting someone you love and want to please...but he WAS, and I caught something of his kids, whom HE adores, so all was well.

Aaron's Birthday Montage

I will be painting Ann, Molly, and Nora at some point too...it's a challenge, always, but a lovely one.

May you be as blessed with the riches of family and friends as I am...


your portraits are amazing!
Thank you! It's a wonder I survived, I think I almost literally held my breath the whole time! :-) (Helps me paint details, ya know...)


Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Happy Easter, Kate ~

Your birthday montages for Rachel and Aaron are beautiful and I pray that their sister makes a full recovery.

Thank you very much, Serena--any and all prayers, good wishes, positive thoughts, good vibes, whatever, very much appreciated.

And Happy Easter to you too!


Kate -- these are REALLY incredible. What great birthday cards -- they would be the best gift ever. :-)
Linda M
They DID seem pleased, and so, so was I!


These are lovely - certainly look like real (related) people to me.
Thank you!
these are lovely! and i am in love with your little altoid-tin paintboxes. i sense a project coming on--just as soon as i finish cleaning out dad's place, our second story, and the basement. *sigh* sometimes there is just not enough spring to go around. i need at least one extra month inserted into the calerdar. then, i can finish all this stuff.

happy easter to you and yours--i so love peeking in on your life!
Hi sweet thing! How are you doing...?

The thing I like about little projects like the tins is that you can do a little bit one day, and another bit when you've got more time, then finish up still later. It doesn't require a continuous (or contiguous!) chunk of time.

I hope your Easter was full of love...


These are great, Kate! I always love your portraits, and these compositions are just wonderful. It looks as though you have a wonderful family.
Thank you, they are indeed wonderful. Very loving...


Wow! What lovely, lovely gifts! And how difficult it is to get multiple likenesses in one painting!! I can imagine how they'll treasure these for the rest of their lives. You are so generous, dear Kate.
Hi sweetie! Yes, it IS difficult! That's why when people as me to do a painting for them like that, it's usually a flat multiple for a single portrait--I mean, if they want two people it's double, three people triple, etc.! TOO easy to blow it with one of them, and with watercolor you're not ALL that able to tweak...

And it's not really generous when it's people you love...their pleasure is THEIR generous gift to me...



These are lovely. I hope you do a watercolour class soon.

Re: Watercolours

Thank you! I just got a new book contract, so I don't know about my teaching schedule...