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September 2013



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Verbal Equinox

It finally, finally is glorious, lovely, beautiful spring!  Rebirth!  Starting fresh all over again!  (And THAT was a funny typo...I guess it was sort of a verbal equinox--also graphic!)

So many firsts, all on this one perfect day...the first robins I've seen, though sometimes I've had flocks of them winter over...not this year!  NOW is the first I've seen of them!  Crocuses pushed the day by one, opening yesterday.  Today, when I drove home through the country, I heard the sleighbell voices, an almost deafening chorus, of hundreds of spring peepers...NEVER have I heard to many in one place!  And then, when I was telling my dear husband about it, and how beautiful it was sitting on my deck by the chiminea, I looked up to see buzzard had returned in his numbers. 

Don't ask me why turkey vultures are among my favorite birds...it may be the old Native American tale that has Buzzard flying closest to the sun, it may be their incredible grace, or their choreographed aerial ballet, with dozens of the big birds circling overhead but never colliding...when the late afternoon sun gilds their black feathers with warm copper it never fails to make me catch my breath and thank the creator for beauty in unexpected places.


high water

You haven't posted anything for awhile and I was concerned that flood waters had reached where you are so I am especially glad to see the crocuses. We had robins show up about a week ago but then snow covered every thing once more, the signs are there though. God Bless

Re: high water

Thank you so much for your concern! No, just ruinously busy, teaching my online class, and still dealing with bronchitis--I had a post started twice, but my internet connection got shut down inadvertantly, so I decided it was a sign I needed to focus on what I was doing. ;-)

And I was happy to see those lovely little flowers, too!



Love your journal page- it has been a while since you posted and I always enjoy seeing what you've been doing. I started having daffodils a few weeks ago and am so thrilled! Like you, I thank the Creator for the beauty around us. A tiny Carolina Wren sings outside my kitchen window during the day- he's only a couple of feet away and I love being able to see him so close! I have started keeping a sketchbook by the sink! :)

Leslie in Alabama

Re: Spring!

Thank you, Leslie! And that's a great idea, keeping a sketchbook where you need it...Carolina wrens are such lovely little birds, no wonder you want to sketch them!
I've been lurking on your journal for a couple of months, now. I read several artists' journals and must've seen yours linked somewhere (laurelines, maybe?) Anyhow, I thought it was time to add you to my LJ "Friends" list, so I can jump over here more easily.

I am an artist as well, although I fall somewhere between beginner/student and professional, and I really enjoy your sketchbook posts and observations of the beauty of life around you.

Welcome aboard, Tina, and thank you for the kind words! (And yes, it probably was Laura's wonderful blog at http://laurelines.typepad.com/ !)


I love the crocuses -- mine just came up the other day, too. And it's nice to know that someone else loves to watch buzzards...
I've always loved buzzards...I was so delighted to find that my husband-to-be shared that regard. One of many things we have in common--maybe we should start a Buzzard Club! ;-)
"...it may be the old Native American tale that has Buzzard flying closest to the sun..."

Well... not exactly.

In short, because the Bird People were naked he flew to the Sun Place where Creator lives to ask Him for clothing. Along the way he ran out of food and stopped at the Sky Place where there were rotting fish along the bank of a river which he ate because he was so hungry. He flew on, and as he approached the Sun Place, his head was burnt bright red, but he kept going. Because of his courage Creator allowed him to have the first pick of all the clothing, but he could try on each suit only once. Buzzard's pride got the best of him: no matter how bright and beautiful the feathers, not one suit was good enough for him until he came to a suit of dirty brown which was so small his head and feet were left exposed. Unfortunately, it was the last suit, so it would have to do.

To this day Buzzard eats carrion and his head remains red. But he also flies closest to Creator...
Thank you, sweetheart, I HAD forgotten the whole story. I remember the first time I ever heard it...I just didn't remember all the details!


I will never forget the first time I heard it. I was taking a primitive survival class from Jim Bruchac up in the Adirondacks. On the property was an Abenaki long house in which several others and I were staying. One night Jim's dad, Joseph - a famous Abenaki storyteller - came in and told many traditional Abenaki stories by the fire, among them the story of How Buzzard Brought Clothing to the Bird People. It was a night of wonder and magic...

Re: Buzzard

That WOULD be magic...

And I'll never forget the first time I heard it, listening to a tape while you napped and I sketched you. Magic in its own way...


So clear and beautiful. Your colors are the perfect equivalent of spring. Now I wonder what kind of sleighbells you have that sound like spring peepers---our peepers sound little choruses of burps and hiccups. Not nearly so poetic as yours ;D.
Thank you, Miss Laura! I've heard the kind you're talking about...ours are tiny tree frogs, Pseudacris crucifer, or as I always called them, Hyla crucifer, and they hatch in the hundreds in some ponds. The sound can be almost painful, it's so intense, and so high. They trill, I suppose more like toads than frogs, but oh what a lovely, welcome sound!

You can hear them here, if you scroll down and click on Collective--though there couldn't have been nearly as many as I heard the other day! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_Peeper

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