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September 2013



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South of Town--barn sketches

On the way home from the pharmacy where I stocked up on various things to try to make me feel better--I either have a chest cold or bronchitis, and trying hard to head off pneumonia--I still headed for the country afterwards. It's the weekend, and I WILL paint plein air unless I'm totally bedridden--this heals me, too!

The top sketch on the journal page is ink and WC pencil, using the same low key triad I've been exploring, and the bottom is cool dark gray Prismacolor pencil and watercolor. I spotted that gorgeous shadow and the blue hill glowing through the window as I was driving to the T on the old gravel road to turn around, and had to do a quick one

Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature

This is my favorite sketching technique, I think--colored pencil with quick watercolor washes. That's what's on the cover of my Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature, and some of the art on the cover of the new Creating Nature in Watercolor, from North Light...

The fern and the antelope both use that technique:

Creating Nature in Watercolor

And by the way, I've just heard that North Light Book Club has made that one their main selection this month! I'm delighted! If you're a member and you're interested, you might want to go to https://www.northlightbookclub.com/ and see what they're offering--they've sweetened the pot by offering some of my older books for only $8.00! 

I'm blushing at their writeup (thanks, guys!)...but I do have to make one small correction. I've been working with North Light since the mid '80s, not the early '90s...we go WAY back!

I've been playing with the Neocolor II crayons, too, just got a new open stock order from Dick Blick yesterday...if I'd been thinking when I headed out to the pharmacy, I'd have thrown them in my bag. The colors really work well! Guess I was feeling pretty rugged right then...

Neocolor II experiments

These are a similar low-key triad, using two kinds of blues, along with a purer, brighter primary triad...fun to play with new toys, isn't it...?



Gosh, I hope you're feeling better, Miss Kate. Both of your sketches are wonderful captures of the still stark beauty of the March countryside. I had to go to Jerry's Artarama today to pick up a couple of things for my trip next week and ran into your books there, again---I always feel so proud to see you there on the revolving wooden display stands ;D. There were lots of Painting in Natures, looking fresh and bright and as if they'd just been replenished.
Yes, about the new toys---I'm so enjoying my new little accordion sketchbooks. Rest well tonight.
Well, I'm sure I WILL, sweetie...hacking up crud, waking myself up coughing, ugh!

I love this time of year, when the grass is the color of a tawny lion's coat...

And I had a post half written to you when Outlook Express crashed a while ago, darn it!

Your little sketchbooks are very cool...and sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Cindy and Amanda...
I don't often have time to comment, but I want to be sure that you know how much I enjoy your art and your posts. Truly inspiring!

Since we're not sure how soon we're moving--it could be a couple of weeks, or it could be the full six weeks--I'm waiting to order several of your CDs. But, after we move and have a real address again, they're on my "Must Own" list!
You're a doll, Ais, thanks! I am trying to make sure at least some of them are useful.*G*

It'll be great to have a Real Address again, I'll bet!

We miss you on the marketing list, by the way...I'm not much help, and people keep joining hoping to learn new stuff...I usually point them to the archives!

Edited at 2008-03-09 02:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!

Also, since I redesigned Arts-Careers.com and the site is now searchable by individual words and phrases, you can send people there for AJmarketing-type info. I'll be adding a lot more info, now that the new design makes it super-easy to update on whim.
Oh, excellent, I'll be sure to aim them there! I feel a bit guilty, not being more proactive on the list...but I just do what I do, and none of it is really anything you didn't suggest!
Gorgeous barns, Kate!
Thank you, Muriel! I really love the utility of old barns, spent a lot of time in them!


Kate -- I don't get by here often enough! Your podcast with Danny and your recent barn sketches have me itching to start just keeping a sketchbook for the pleasure of it. I even pulled out the watercolor pencils yesterday...
Sigh. I really MUST take your on-line class. Congratulations on the book being featured, too! ;-)

Linda M
Linda, thank you so much for all the kind words! We'd be delighted to have you in class next time, I so enjoy your work.