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September 2013



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What a wonderful weekend!

After days and weeks of icy weather, snow, and that nasty "wintry mix" the weather-guessers love to describe, it warmed into the seventies just in time for the weekend! I ran away from home both days to sketch and paint and take resource photos--it was GLORIOUS.

This is the same old farm I visited here February 17, the Vassmer's old dairy--I knew I'd go back the first chance I got, and hope to get permission from family members or the current owner to go back and get closer (there's a locked gate across the driveway and I don't want to trespass...) The complex bit of architecture between the two main buildings of the dairy would be wonderful for a detail painting, but I can't get quite close enough--or see quite well enough!--to really tell what's going on.

Saturday I tried a pen and ink with wash drawing, here:

Vassmer's Milk Barn--ink, watercolor, watercolor pencil

...as well as a WC pencil and ink sketch of an asymmetrical little cedar tree across the road, trying out three low-keyed primaries in watercolor pencil:

low key primaries--journal page detail

Saturday, a group of burros watched me with great curiosity--it was so windy I could see the hair in their furry ears blowing! They got into loud altercation with eachother over some bit of food--it was so loud that my husband heard it in Virginia! (Of course I was on my cell phone at the time. *G*)

Yesterday, I decided to try out the first of the sampler papers I bought from https://www.legionpaper.com/ , a Saunders Waterford watercolor paper with a rough surface. Interesting! I don't normally use rough, so I thought I'd stretch myself a bit. You can see the texture it allowed in the dark cedars, augmented with a bit of bristle-brush work.

This one is 7 x 7". and was done mostly with a 1" watercolor brush, details added with the largest round Niji waterbrush. http://www.dickblick.com/zz051/33/

It's so quiet out there...other than the burros and the occasional chatter of birds, all I could hear was my own breath. LOVELY. Perhaps 2 cars went by on the tiny gravel road as I worked, and no one stopped, for a change.

It's always sweet and amazingly considerate when people stop to see if I've got car trouble or some such, but I'll admit I like it better when they ignore me entirely!

(Of course I'd feel differently if I really DID have car trouble! Hooray for cell phones and the membership in the AA that Joseph bought me!)

The temperature dropped like a rock overnight--back to the 30s and a wintry mix predicted--so I'm delighted that I got out again, and that I was free to do so. What serendipitous timing!




These are just wonderful!! I especially like the first one, I think. Your darks are so rich; I have such a hard time getting mine that dark. I love those greens!


Re: wonderful!

Thank you, Leslie! I often use Thalo Blue and Burnt Sienna for dark darks--I think this was mostly Indigo and Burnt Umber, though...or maybe Payne's Gray and Burnt Umber, because it wasn't acting quite like I expected it to...


Kind Heart Award

Hi Kate,
I've given you a Kind Heart Award. It's on my blog - http://quirkyartist.blogspot.com


Re: Kind Heart Award

Wendy! Thank you, that's so sweet! Now, how do I pass it on??


Oooh, that top one is brilliant---I just love the colors and, as always, the light. The roof on the far right is wonderfully multi-hued. I don't know WHEN I'll have time to try out my Legion papers, but I sure wish I could, having seen you start to work on yours.
Monkey Saw, Monkey Did
LOL! You're a hoot, sweetie! I think we BOTH have a touch of the monkey, I had to have the Schminckes, ya know!

I bought several sets from Legion, so it's going to take me a while to explore thoroughly! At least I feel I got started...