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September 2013



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Etsy? Rob, Muriel, anyone?

Hi all...recently, talk of Etsy or my discovery of your Etsy shops has popped up in three different places in the last 24 hours--it's a sign!  My cousin was interested--my godchild told her about them, so I'm doing some research among my LJ friends!

What's your experience?  What do you sell?  Original art, jewelry, prints, pottery, sculpture?  Do you sell well?  Do you have to market your shop aggressively?  How do you set your shop apart from others?  What price range seems to work best? 

I've thought of trying out Etsy myself in the past, but truthfully at the moment I can't keep up with what I'm doing already!  Feedback would be terrifically welcome. though...who knows, I may get my feet wet, yet!


I LOVE etsy! I sell hand dyed yarn and roving. You definitely have to find a niche, or be good at what you do - but I think you have that covered. :-D

LOL! Thank you! It's just that there are SO MANY artists on there...

Love your LJ username...I've dyed with indigo! Whewf! ;-)
I have an etsy store that's rather slim right now, but it's up and running, at least. I'm planning to expand it quite a bit once I get some things out of the fire and finished. :)

I think it's a fabulous idea, really, and I plan on buying what Christmas presents I do buy this year on Etsy. What I like about it the most is there aren't that many people charging prices too high for me to afford.

Then again, since there's so much there I like, that may be a bad thing. :)
Hi Jen! Thanks for the input...what's the name of your store? I want to go look!

I should ask on the marketing list too, I guess...
I'm a big fan of etsy and even sell some there. :) Actually I've been very happy with my etsy site-I need to list more things!
Heh...that's been the problem with my eBay store...I do pretty well when I list frequently, then I drift off when I get busy on other things (I don't think I've put anything new up in close to 6 months...or more!) and then I have to build it up all over again!

I'd like to sell original art for decent prices, which--unless you build a following and KEEP IT UP--you can't do on eBay...
i sell some but most of my customers come from my website, not etsy. i have found some new customers there, though. lower price stuff seems to sell best. jewelry is the most-listed stuff on there, so if you are selling your jewelry you will have a lot of competition, something to keep in mind. it's a great idea but i still think it is a ways from reaching its potential.
Thanks, Mei! I knew jewelry was a big deal there, lots of competition, but noticed Muriel's lovely paintings too. Finding a good place for original art is becoming important...

As more places become available that are similar, it's harder for it to reach its potential, too...the competition dilutes the market, seems to me...
I've heard that Etsy doesn't respond to copyright infringment complaints. I would have to go dig up the post, but at least one artist found someone selling something of her claiming it as original, and Estsy wouldn't do anything about it.

And that's all I know about Etsy, I'm afraid.
Thanks for the plug! :-)
I should put more stuff on there...
I used to think my prices were too high to do well on Etsy, and then today I discovered 2 painters who have prices in the thousands... so I'll keep at it I think!
My etsy shop is a shared venture with my friend Nikki.
I manage it and help market it but not aggresively
outside of etsy. At least right now.

What's your experience?
So far its been positive one. The artists are supportive
there and you can really connect with fantastic people.

What do you sell?
I sell my original hand painted wares (purses, jacket soon)
and my CDs. Nikki sells her original prints.

Original art, jewelry, prints, pottery, sculpture?
Do you sell well?
So far its been a good experiend.

Do you have to market your shop aggressively?
No. I have links to it and I utilize mini etsy and
definitely interact on the forums when I have time.

How do you set your shop apart from others?
Its art by two people.
I always link back to our official websites.

What price range seems to work best?
We have different price ranges.
Single print from $20-$25 each signed and matted.
Purses/Jacket Wares depend on how intricate the work is since
they are the only one. Also size is part of the calculation.
From $13.00 to $35.00

Our shop:
I only just discovered Etsy a couple of months ago myself, and so far I don't really have much experience with it. I initially just went to it because other people said such great things about it and I wanted to find a vehicle where LJ people who wanted to buy something of mine could do so. I liked that they charged less than eBay does and that it's all artists. So far, I'm not sure what I think about it yet. On the plus side, it's full of artists and the kind of people who buy art and want original, handmade stuff. On the minus side - I find that there's SO much stuff it's hard to stand out, and I haven't sold a single thing through them that wasn't to someone already on my F-list. I'm still trying to figure out how to market myself and I'm sure that's what makes the difference in someone having a rousing success with their Etsy site.
I have to admit to being intensely curious as to whether or not any of the higher priced works I see listed on there (paintings and the like) actually sell. I have a couple of people on my F-list who list their paintings on Ebay and I put them on my "follow this item" list (a quibble I have with Etsy, that I can't do that) and from what I've seen - their art just sits there and doesn't sell. Have you sold your art through Ebay with good results?
Anyway, as far as I've seen, the lower priced stuff sells best and from what I've seen - the items which are most....hmm, how to phrase this? Visible maybe? Things that people can point to or take to work and say "That's an original" like ceramics, mugs, jewelry, small clothing items...that seems to be the stuff that sells best.
But as I've mentioned, this is just from my initial surveying of it, so YMMV. I'm just barely sticking a toe in the water thus far.
If you do decide to set up an Etsy shop, be sure to let me know and I'll put a "shout out" for it in my LJ.