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September 2013



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And at last,, the Watercolor Pencil CD is available!

I have no idea what the 3-week holdup was about--they never did tell me what the problem was, but it's up NOW, and I'm delighted.

I've got copies on my own website catalog, too, thanks to Susan Robinson of Robinson Associates...she really saved the day and made it possible for the class to start on time.  Thanks, Susan--she even mailed out orders from her business, to save time! 

Now I can fill orders myself from  http://www.cathyjohnson.info/catalog.html or people can get them at Cathy Johnson's CafePress, http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson.61122727

We're using them as the text for my current online workshop, but the CD is a stand-alone instructional course--I'm getting orders from people who aren't in the class.

And I'm happy to report that class is going much more smoothly, in part because of Susan's making them available earlier...I was having to upload lessons to the 'net, and it took forever for people to download.  SO much faster and easier from a CD...

This joins my other two new CDs, taken from my earlier online workshops:

And of course I have the original ones--my Watercolor Basics CD, copyright-free resource photo CDs for artists and designers, a "virtual tour" of the old spa town where I live, like a sketchcrawl-by-proxy, and the first two volumes of "Drawn from Life; An Artist's Journal."

The workshop CDs are fast and handy--just plug them into your computer's CD player and open the PDF format articles, and it's like a private workshop all to yourself.  Read from your computer's monitor, print them out, whatever--take your time, work anywhere you are, at your convenience...

The online classes offer feedback and critiques you don't get with the CDs, along with the fellowship of other students who often provide insights and suggestions, of course, but I can only squeeze in 3-4 of these workshops in a year around my other duties!

No waiting, with the CDs! :-)



I'm seeing a lot of quality student work from your current online class via EDM posts, Kate. Well done to you!

E-J http://rose-anglaise.blogspot.com/
Thank you, E-J! Yep, it's very inspiring, and quite a few of my students aren't EDM members, so you're just scratching the surface there! We have a Flickr pool for the class members, but I made it private so they'd feel comfortable putting their work up there--fantastic stuff!