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September 2013



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Signs of spring--on being at the right place at the right time...

Bluebirds generally begin nesting in Missouri in February and March...but this far north, February 15 is EARLY.

This fellow was sitting atop my chiminea, looking very cold and very disgruntled yesterday...I was able to run for both my camera and my sketchbook and pen, and manage to capture his heart-lifting image in my journal.

This is all one bird--I was playing around with different brands of watercolor pencil, since I'm in the midst of teaching my online class. I did the two on the right while looking at the bluebird himself, trying to capture his color as accurately as possible. I like the new Derwent Aquatones on the left, but they didn't really have a color in the set of 12 I got that captures the singing sky blue of this little bird...

Funny the things that bring a big goofy grin to your face...

Not a bad photo, through my back door, either...

February Bluebird photo


I love the things that bring that sweet big goofy grin to your face... *G*
Well, look in the mirror, love. YOU do.
it is the sheer serendipity of life that feeds my soul. never look for that "soul food" in the planned things--only in that odd moment, the very second that things are looking the bleakest, busiest, coldest, or most puzzling do the most wonderful things pop their heads up to lift us up!

i love your little chilly bluebird. (the national geographic photo of the "disgruntled bluebird" is one of my faves!)
Absolutely...life's little surprises, the pure gifts, that's what really gets your attention--maybe because it IS unexpected and in the midst of chaos.

I saw that little disgruntled bluebird again yesterday! I was checking on their color patterns, because "mine" almost appeared to have the russet color on the back of its neck too...didn't find any more like that, but sure a lot of difference in the patterning at breast and neck...
i love the tiny details like that. i feel sorry for people that can't see subtleties in little things ...it's what makes it possible to differentiate in important things like ...oh,...say, naming chickens! (and compels me to every so often save a miniscule feather from our finch, when he drops one of the russet colored ones from his teeny cheek patches)

it'll be interesting to see if "yours" comes back again!
Dare I ask about naming chickens??*G*

A friend of mine raises sheep...she's in the middle of lambing season now, and is naming each and every one of them. She had about 40 pregnant ewes, and they often have twins, I understand...

That's a LOT of critters to differentiate...

We have a hummingbird feather our dear friend Susan gave us as part of our wedding present box of treasures...the wedding was at her mom and dad's place in the country, and Jytte has DOZENS of hummingbirds. The tiniest little iridescent green feather in the world...a little jewel.
i love your little birds! snappy little fellow!
Thanks, Mei! I loved stepping out on the deck a while later and still hearing that lilting voice...guess he warmed up enough to sing!
I've only seen bluebirds when I lived in Colorado and Virginia. I am always so thrilled to see their vibrant colors. Thanks for the visuals!
This one's an Eastern Bluebird...I think they're fairly common east of the Rockies, but it's always a thrill to see them in the spring...especially in town! I remember when you'd only see them in the country, normally...
lovely bluebird! thanks for the lift!
They DO give us a lift, don't they?! Thank you!
I am always endlessly in awe of people who ca sketch live animals, especially ones like birds which never seem to stay still for even a second at a time. Nice work!

It's just practice, Brian! Getting down the basic shape and then adding back in what you've learned over a period of time...
Heart-lifting is right. These little critters are so bright and plump and sweet and lovingly drawn and painted. I wish we had bluebirds here. They seem so exotic, being blue. When I was a kid I was a Blue Bird (Blue-Birds were to Campfire Girls like the Brownies are/were to Girl Scouts)...but I digress!
I remember hearing about the Blue Birds! Being a Campfire Girl sounded like fun...but I never was much of a joiner.*g*

I LOVE seeing bluebirds!